Monday, November 9, 2009

Cowboys 20 Eagles 16

Another uninspiring performance by your Philadelphia Eagles last night. The Dallas Cowboys followed the blueprint more teams are likely to use in beating the Eagles. Take away the big play and you have a great shot of winning. In what was supposed to be a battle of two NFC East heavyweights, two mediocre teams exchanged punches on Sunday night. Andy Reid just challenged the outcome and lost.

I will try not to overreact too much considering the state of the NFC East right now, where it seems like whoever wants to lose it the least, will take the division. Desean Jackson was eliminated from the offense and McNabb and Maclin couldn't get on the same page to capitalize. McNabb continued his inconsistent season with another inaccurate game. Mccoy and Weaver had some early success running the ball but they had trouble getting the tough yards late. Though I do feel like the refs hosed them on a couple of bad spots - McNabb sneak especially.

The Defense played well for the most part only giving up points after Eagles turnovers, whether it be INT's or downs. Sheldon Brown looked awful biting on a half assed pump fake by Tony Romo on the game winning strike to Miles Austin. He also had a nice INT return nullified by a penalty. Stupid penalties played a big part in the loss. Moise Fokou had 2 of them - one on Sheldon's return and one of Ellis Hobb's kick return. Even Moise's thinks he should be cut. Nah, I actually heard some good things about him before yesterday..

Who is the worst tackler? Asante, Bobby Taylor or Deon Sanders?

McNabb didn't have any time to throw. When he did, he was inaccurate. When he was accurate, guys dropped the passes. That is not a good formula especially for a team not committed to the run.

I am hearing different theories about the 52 yard FG attempt with 4 and change remaining - no timeouts - and 4th and 11. I would have went for it - its not second guessing as I was dumbfounded watching at the time, as Akers came in. I understand the odds of converting a 4th and 11 are not very strong but I like them better than all of the following happening: 52 yard FG - forcing a 3 and out - starting a drive with well under 2 minutes left, a full field ahead of them and scoring a TD. I have been accused of being a McNabb defender but I do not like 'dem odds.

Apologies for being all over the place here but I just cannot figure out this team. A couple of randon thoughts:

Westbrook is missed in the passing game. I think Mccoy has been solid but he dropped a couple of screens that could have been nice pickups. If the big play is being taken away - the screen better be effective.

Since when does Sheldon gamble like that? Think it has anything to do with being snubbed when looking for a contract in the offseason? He was always a good cover guy and tackler but maybe he thinks that only the big play guys get paid...or maybe he just got beat.

Did ya hear that Vick isn't happy? Do you care? Waste.

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  1. That was the most boring game of the year last night (even more boring than Oakland). The officials were horrendous (blown calls on the kickoff return and ball spots), but that isn't the reason we lost. Defense couldn't come up with key stops and the offense couldn't sustain drives.

    Did the NFC East go from the best division in football to the worst division in football in a matter of weeks? If the Cowboys are considered the best team in the division, I REALLY like our chances.

    Sheldon just got beat. Mis-read his safety help and Austin made him pay. I loved the 5-10 minute NBC Special called "Asante Samual is a Pussy" that went on in the 3rd or 4th quarter. They blamed it on him getting hit in the head, but that is just the way his plays on every down. I love the big plays he makes, but he's definitely a liability after the catch and on runs that break the linebackers.

    Vick's not happy? He's still on our team? I don't feel bad for him at all. He signed with us knowing that he had other weapons who are much better than him. In my opinion, he's gotten more playing time than he's deserved. However, if we're going to use him, let him line up and throw the F'in ball once in a while. Right now, every team knows that when Vick is in the game, it's either a Vick run or a handoff to McCoy. Absolutely pointless and a waste of a down.

    I know that Reid lost both challenges, but can you blame him for challenging? We all thought (even after the replay) that the first one was a bad call. Even though it was the right call, shouldn't be a big deal. The big deal was the next play when Jamaal Jackson didn't snap the ball when the entire left side of the Cowboys line jumped off and would've given us the first down. That's something that a center is taught in middle school, but some of the blame has to go to McNabb there too because he has to see that too.

    The 2nd challange was just a bad call by the officials. Every replay I look at shows me that they made a bad spot. If they're allowed to use the logos on the field (Eagles beak), then why the f' didn't they use it? They were at least 18 inches off and the spot left the 2 inches short. It was unreal and changed the outcome of the game.

    Losing to the Cowboys doesn't make me angry anymore because I know they're not any good. It now makes me sick to my stomach. The Cowboys are a below average football team and got lucky against the Eagles. Eagles are a slightly above average football team and should still win the NFC East in early December.

    Big game against San Diego next week. TEs continue to haunt the eagles suspect linebackers so prepare to see #85 all day.