Sunday, November 15, 2009

DWDW Pro Week 10 Edition

Dirty Wudders Degenerate Wagering is a feature of this blog where the three contributors embarrass themselves picking the college and pro games of the week. Here are our picks for Sunday's games.

Doc's Picks:

New England (6-2) at Indianapolis (8-0) Line: Ind (-2.5) O/U: 47.5

Love New England in this game. Brady, Moss, and Welker will have a field day with the backup DB's of the colts. Indy has been winning close games recently but the loss of Bob Sanders will hurt today. The Colts can score on anybody so also take the over.

Pick: New England taking the points, but will win. Over

Atlanta (5-3) at Carolina (3-5) Line: Atl (-1.5) O/U: 44

Atlanta is a team that may not be as good as their 5-3 record suggests, (looking at you birds). Carolina should cure what ails them.

Pick: Falcons giving points

Namesakes' Picks:

Detroit (1-7) @ Minnesota (7-1) Line: Min (-17) 0/U: 47

Brett Favre has dominated the Lions for the last 20 years, and today should be no different. This game should be over by halftime. I'm saying 30-10 Minny.

Pick: Minnesota

Jaguars (4-4) @ NY Jets (4-4) Line: NYJ (-6.5) O/U: 41

The Jags shitty pass defense is going to open it up for Sanchise to have a big game. As long as the Jets can contain Maurice Jones-Drew I think they win by 10.

Pick: Jets giving 6.5

Season Records:
Doc: 8-9
Dw: 8-9
Namesake: 6-8-1
Sec202: 3-4


  1. I'm surprised you didn't take the Chargers, Doc.

  2. In my 3 team parlay pool I did take SD. I didn't here because I already took 3 games.

    I would have thought that spread to be Sd -4 or so, not -1.

  3. Namesake: 0-1-1 this week.

    Doc: 0-1 so far.

  4. Doc: 2-1, 10-10
    N'sake: 0-1-1, 6-9-2