Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Juan Castro

The Phils reportedly are likely to finalize a deal with Juan Castro by the end of next week. Juan is going to be the replacement for Eric Bruntlett. I like this move because he is a much better player than Bruntlett with better speed and more versatility. He can play second, short, third, and outfield if needed. He also gets on base more, and provided he accepts the role as a bench player, he will be a great asset to have on the bench. Something that the Phils somewhat lacked in 2009Buster Olney posted in his blog that "the Phillies have reached a point where free agents really want to play for them, because they have a reputation for excellence in their clubhouse, as well in the standings." Hopefully this will be a good sign to come for the Phils in the free agent market.

1 comment:

  1. Can't say I know much about Castro but at best he may be a versatile backup who can spell Utley and Rollins occasionally.

    I would hope that he doesn't expect anything more than a bench player role. Dude is a career .230 hitter (.270 OBP)who has never played in more than 113 games.

    Randy Miller reports that they signed him.

    Just read the link - seems like he is a good clubhouse guy...I'm finwe with it.