Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pre-Turkey Thoughts

From friend of DW R.H.

It's tough to get a read on much in college hoops in Novemeber. Preseason college polls/rankings are completey useless. Nova has been winning, haven't seen any of them, but they seem to be a bit overrated right now. Almost lost to George Mason on a neutral floor. They should be good come February though. Same old story with them. No size whatsoever. Although they say Pena is playing really well. Corey Fisher, now a junior and extremetly talented, still makes me nervous when he has the ball in key moments.

St. Joe's is bad. Will be a tough year for them. Needing OT to beat Drexel in your home opener is never a good sign. So much for those "great" recruiting classes after the Nelson/West era.
Penn is abominable. Should that guy still have his job? As soon as Dunphy left, the program went in the shitter.

Word is Lasalle should actually be decent. Once every 17 years ain't bad. It's all been downhill ever since Speedy left the cupboard bare to go coach high school girls again, followed by Billy Hahn's drunkeness and various rapes.

Temple is kind of intriguing. This Lavoy Allen guy is really good. Could be the best player in the city if he wants to be. Can score and rebound, has touch, smart, and an excellent passer. Completely outplayed Monroe on Georgetown. Seems like he just needs to play with more intensity on a consistent basis.

Nationally, I've seen Gonzaga a few times and they look pretty good. Not pretty and soft like they usually are. They look tough, still have Bolden, and have a bunch of giants down low! If there's a God, Kansas, Michigan State, and Carolina won't win it all. Actually, Carolina won't get a sniff of the Final 4 this year. F Kentucky too and that shitbag Calipari.

What can be said about the Sixers except they are thoroughly depressing and basically unwatchable? Brand seems like a good guy and a hard worker, but let's face it, he's been a Webber-esque bust up to this point. I don't see much evidence of this vaunted Eddie Jordan Princeton offense. Unless Princeton now has guys (see: Lou Williams and Iguodala) that dribble around until the shot-clock is about to expire and then jack up hopeless 25-footers.

Now let's all sit around tomorrow afternoon and watch the terrible, terrible games the NFL will subject us to. I know, for some reason, we're saddled with Detroit. When and why did that become a tradition again? But there is absolutely no excuse for Dallas-Oakland!!! That was a terrible game on paper when the schedule came out, and a terrible game now.

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  1. NFL Thanksgiving games are terrible and almost always are..Is it Giants/Denver in Denver in the night game? Denver is usually tough at home - would be nice to see them snap out of it against the g-men. Doubt it though.

    Yeah I cannot kill the sixers on the Brand deal because I know that I wanted to get him...Webber like bust is pretty dead on.

    Yeah the Zags have gotten some big TV time early. I guess their midnight games will start with the conference play.

    Yeah Nova doesn't look like a top 5 team in the country right now but they have some big time freshman who can play. Wright usually gets them to peak at the right time.