Tuesday, November 17, 2009

NFL's Worst

The NFL is through week 10 and playoff pictures are starting to form as we head into week 11. The Colts and Saints are still undefeated, and every team officially has at least one win including the Lions. We all watch football here at DW, and we all have a pretty good idea which teams are the best in the NFL for the most part. I want to talk about the worst teams in the NFL. There are a lot of them out there right now with the Lions, Browns, Buccaneers, Oakland, Kansas City, and St. Louis. All of these teams combined have the same amount of wins as the Vikings do this year. That is pretty pathetic. So who is the worst team in the NFL?

Let's start with Cleveland. Mangini's first year as coach has been a nightmare. Players have already been complaining about him, and there GM was fired after like 3 games. The Browns have a total of 5 offensive touchdowns all year. Brady Quinn is a total stiff, and Derek Anderson must have used steroids for a year. He is the Brady Anderson of football. My advice to the Browns would be sign LeBron James. Record 1-8

The Lions finally won there first game in almost 2 years a couple of weeks ago. They have a young quarterback, but at least they can put up some points. I think that Stafford will be a decent quarterback in a few years, and they have some upside in the future with guys like Calvin Johnson. In a few years they wont be as big of a joke as they are now. Record 1-8.

K.C. is another team that has its issues. Larry Johnson really made a fool out of himself with all of the antics that went on a couple weeks ago. They almost beat Dallas earlier in the year, but that was pretty much their only bright spot. Record 2-7

There is not much that I can say about this team considering that they beat the Eagles. JaMarcus Russell is a bust, and their head coach beats his wives, coaches, and everything else around him that pisses him off. The only bright spot is that Al Davis 150 years old and his time might be coming soon. Record 2-7

What can I say about the Bucs? Well they are pretty bad. Last week's loss to the Dolphins was pathetic. The defense had to hold the Dolphins offense for about a minute and they couldn't even do that. Ricky Williams broke off a 27 yard run at the end of the game to set up a Dolphins field goal. This team is pretty bad. Record 1-8

I watched some of the St. Louis game on Sunday and it looked like Marc Bulger couldn't give two shits about winning that game. He was throwing screen passes with no timeouts and under a minute to go, on his own 30 yard line. This team is horrible, and Stephen Jackson has to be pissed that he is playing with these scrubs. Record 1-8.

The award for the shittiest team in the NFL has to go to the Cleveland Browns. They scored a total of 78 points this year, and have given up 225 points. This team is so bad, last night they only had five snaps in Baltimore territory. That is horrible! A Browns fan was holding a sign last night that said "Rebuilding since 1964". At the rate this team is going they are going to have to continue to rebuild for another 45 years.


  1. They sould make that 1 division and play a round robin. I think KC and Tampa would fight for the division.

    I'd probably agree that Cleveland is the worst.

    If a team is that bad, they should just run the snot out of the ball. I would have no problems with St Louis having their best player touch the ball on every play. If I were Detroit - run, run, then throw a jump ball to Calvin Johnson.

  2. It seems like there are more shitty teams this year then in years past. Even the teams with half-decent records are pretty shitty, i.e. the Eagles, Ravens, Giants, Cowboys, etc.