Monday, December 7, 2009

The Birds

As much as everyone complains and bitches about the Eagles, they are now tied for first in the NFC East. I know that they have had their ups and downs so far, but they are playing good football right now. It looks like Donovan righted the ship, and they are headed into an NFC East battle next Sunday night in New York. We all know that they have problems playing on the West Coast, but the rest of the season has the Eagles on the East Coast, with the exception of Dallas in week 17. I can see the Eagles winning out and taking the NFC East at 12-4. They are on a roll right now, and you gotta love what Lenard Weaver and Jason Avant are doing right now for that offense.

I know they beat the Falcons without Matt Ryan, but the Eagles put up 34 points without their most explosive player on offense. The defense made the Falcons offense look like Archbishop Wood's offense back in 2000. Sheldon Brown, despite a torn hamstring had a pick six giving the Eagles two cornerbacks with at least 5 picks for the first time since the 50's. And who said that Asante Samuel couldn't tackle? I know I did. He was making plays all over the field yesterday. I still don't like Vick, but who cares he actually made some plays yesterday. The Eagles need to beat the Giants next week and shove it up Eli and his gay lover Coughlin's ass!

P.S. How bad are the Redskins!


  1. Yeah the Eagles had to win that game and they did. The Falcons played without Ryan and Turner and the Eagles played without Westbrook and Jackson...Its just that the Eagles have alot more depth than Atlanta. Alot more.

    Watching Chris Redman play in the NFL makes Mike McMahon want to try a comeback.

    The Giants stink and the Eagles really match up well with them. I think the Eagles are due for a stinker but it would be a huge win if they can get it. Andy usually remembers how to coach during the month of December and maybe the first week or 2 in January before he forgets again in late January.

    Watching Favre revert to his interception loving days gives me some hope in a matchup with Minnesota. He threw 2 picks but Arizona dropped a bunch more.

    Vick is a joke. He didn't make any plays, they were given to him.

  2. Weaver is a nice weapon. Who woulda thunk it that a fullback can help a team?

    He even had two big grabs that looked out of reach - 1 for a score and 1 for a huge catch and run.

  3. By the way Wood turned into a dynasty recently. I don't even think they had a team when I went there.

  4. I agree about Vick. I actually cannot wait until he is out of Philly. It was emabarrassing to see that the Falcons fans still like him.

    Redman was awful, but I don't think that Ryan would have played much better with the way the Eagles defense looked.