Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Heavy B

There are rumors flying around that Blanton is on the block. If Joe Blanton does get traded, its for one reason only. That's to go out and get Halladay. I don't know how I feel about this situation. The Phils have made it to the World Series two years in a row without Halladay, and their team is only getting better with the acquisition of Polanco. If they are going out to get Halladay, for one you are risking the future with everything that you are having giving up. And for two, there is a lot of pressure to win. Next season would almost be treated like how the Yankees treat every season, and that is win the World Series or the season is a disappointment. The Phils are built to win now, and with Halladay it only increases their chances, but they can win without him. Ruben Amaro and staff have done a awesome job of building up the farm system to make this club a winner for a long time. Why would you want to sacrifice that for one year that is not guaranteed to win you a World Series. I say F Halladay, unless they can get a deal done like the one they made for Cliff Lee. Joe Blanton is a great middle of the rotation pitcher that keeps the ball in the park. I wouldn't want to risk him for a one year rental on a guy that has never pitched anywhere but Toronto.


  1. I think its more that Blanton could bring in relief help. Phils might figure that they could resign Pedro for cheap and they may feel Drabek is close. Bullpen was the major weakness last year.

    I like Blanton though and wouldn't do it unless they were blown away with the return (doubtful).

    The Phls can sign Halladay after the season if they want, after Lee walks.

  2. There is a lot of relief help out there on the market that you could get in Free Agency. I agree that the bullpen was a problem last year, and that is something that needs to be addressed.

    The Phils can sign Halladay after the season but that is doubtful, considering that Howard will need to be paid, and Hamels.

  3. Howard is under contract. I would not be shocked if he is gone after this contract is done. You might see Utley playing 1st in a couple of years. You might even see Polanco playing 2nd in the last year of his deal.

    Halladay is probably going to get traded and sign long term this winter with somebody (Yanks/BoSox/Angels)

  4. "Great" is a little strong for Blanton.

    There's been a troubling theme in the overall tone from Amaro, etc. this offseason-- always hinting about money, money, money. I'm not saying they should start doling out horrible Randy Wolf/Brewers type deals, but I don't want to hear anything about money. They print it down at CBP. We filled that park EVERY night last year, and now money should not be a problem. Phils are one of the big boys now (finally), and money should not keep them from signing guys. Let's not go back to the old, horrible days.

  5. No doubt "Great" is too strong. I think he meant he is one of the better middle of the rotation guys in the league.

    I don't think they are being stingy. I think its important not to overpay for these relief pitchers will are good one year and bad the next. That is what most relievers are like..I had Lyon in fantasy baseball 2 years ago and he single handedly lost my playoff game so I have no problem that they didn't get him - he is a disaster waiting to happen.