Monday, December 14, 2009


DeSean’s line from last night: 6 rec, 178 yds, 1 TD.  2 punt returns, 83 yds, 1 TD.  Ridiculous. 

With DeSean Jackson’s 72-yard punt return and 60-yard TD catch from Donovan, No.10 high-stepped his way into the record books with 8 TD’s of 50+ yards on the season, tying the NFL record.  Again, ridiculous. 

The only player in recent memory I can remember being this exciting in Philadelphia would have to be Brian Westbrook in his prime, but I have a feeling DeSean is on his way to surpassing B-West in the excitement catergory.  Every time the ball is in his hands you have to hold your breath – punt returns, open field receptions, end around runs – all oppurtunities for magic to happen.  I would compare the ball in Jackson’s hands to a Ryan Howard at-bat – you’re just waiting for the fireworks.  His burst of speed from a dead stop is unmatched, Chris Johnson’s got nothing on No.10. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more electrifying player in the NFL today, I honestly cannot think of anyone – I challenge you to name someone more dangerous right now. The future is bright for the offense in Philly, with D-Jax, Celek, Maclin and McCoy all barely legal, this squad should be lighting up scoreboards for years to come.

The offensive explosion last night, particularly DeSean’s performance, reignited my passion for the Eagles.  This season has been odd for me, in that I haven’t felt the excitement I typically associate with a Sunday game, but after last night I’m back.  I know it’s just one game, but I feel like maybe this is the spark the Eagles needed to finish out the season and head in to the playoffs on fire. How does everyone else feel about the season after last night’s show? How do you see the Birds finishing up this season? Let’s hear it.  GO BIRDS!



  1. Great column NAMESAKE. I agree last night was a exciting offensive performance especially DeSean. The return was awesome how he stepped back, waited for a lane and took the hell off.
    The defense especially the secondary was ugly. The amount of missed tackles (arm tackling)was simply unacceptable for a NFL team. That being said it was an awesome game. Now if we could only get a healthly Westbrook back.

  2. You called it. Chris Johnson may be only guy who can break one like Desean.

    Yeah I feel the same way. I think it has a lot to so with the Phils. Expectations are high - when the Phils lost, the Eagles were coming off their dominating win against NY but then promply lost to Dallas and San Diego.

    It's a strange league. There are so many bad teams - the Giants are the only team the Eagles have beaten with a winning record. 4 game winning streak is nice though, with San Fran coming up.

    The defense looked atrocious. Could have used Dawkins back there.

  3. I'm chalking that horrible defensive performance to the shitty field and exhaustion. The defense was on the field pretty much the entire night with the exception of the last drive in the 4th quarter. Quintin Mikell and Sheldon Brown need to lock it up. They looked pathetic.

    The offense is on fire and Vick is no longer disrupting drives so the strategy is working.

  4. Vick made 1 good throw and 1 bad throw. I hardly would say that the strategy is working.

    He has been giftwrapped a few td's in the hopes that it will strengthen his trade value.

    He stinks

  5. Lenard "Nappy Ass" Weaver is the man. Hopefully the Eagles can get something for Vick in the offseason