Monday, December 14, 2009

Rant by R.H.

Glen Miller out at Penn. Can't say I'm surprised.

Two good Big 5 games the last few days. St. Joe's-Nova was surprisingly competitive. By far the best St. Joe's played all year. But in the end, they tried to run with Nova and gave up 95 points. The overrating of Martelli continues unabaded. I must say, Nova probably wouldn't have won without Taylor King. I wanted to hate him, because you know, he's a Dukie, but he was clutch as hell. Pretty impressive for a kid from California in his first game in the hellish Palestra. Way better than he was when he was a freshman at Duke. Not that he got a ton of time back then, but he was just a mindless chucker who rarely came inside the 3 point line (like me when I play now). But now, he got boards and even created some things. Sweet lefty stroke doesn't hurt either.

By the way, that Hilliard guy on St. Joe's had a poor man's Laettner game going for a while. Perfect from the field and the line. I think he finally missed a shot from the field. Nova hit 29 straight foul shots in the second half. Nuff said. Good job by ESPN having Rafftery do the game. He just "gets" the Big 5. Probably the only ESPN analyst you can say that about. I also love when, after an iffy walk call on Nova, he said, "I don't comment on travelling calls on Villanova anymore." (obviously referring back to the '04 Sweet 16 game against Carolina when that phantom walk was called on Nova.....costing them the game. Still hurts). Of course, this comment was met by awkward silence from the clueless play-by-play guy.

Temple!! I can't say I was too shocked that they beat Nova yesterday. Luckily I caught like the last 15 minutes or so. For some reason, it was buried on some CBS College Sports station that too a GPS for me to find it. Disgrace that Comcast Sportsnet didn't carry it. I guess it would've messed up their 9 hour Eagles pregame. We wouldn't want to miss Rendell praising Donavan again.
Anyway, Juan Fernandez was a revelation! Pepe with a jump shot!! The guy was unconscious!! Knocked down like three 3's in a row right after I turned it on. I'm not saying he's better than Pepe now, but he could be someday. With him, Brooks, and Lavoy Allen, they have three really nice players. Allen was a madman controlling the paint down the stretch. I also can't believe he only had 3 assists. I swear I saw 4 just while I was watching. Love his game, he just needs to play with a fire under his ass like that alot more. They look like a tournament team right now (should've beaten G'Town too, oh well). That win will look huge come March. Also, that Kansas game on 1/2 just became much more interesting.

Not a bad loss at all for Nova. Might not be the worst thing in the world. And if they had to lose, why not to another city team. Game obviously meant alot more to Temple. Thought King (my new favorite player) probably should've been more aggresive in looking for his shot. Down the stretch, only Reynolds was being aggressive. Nova will be fine. Redding will help them when he comes back soon.....if he's clean. Oh yeah, Lappas was the analyst for the game!! Horrific New Yawk accent was more evident than ever ("Derrick Jeetuh!!!!"). And that lisp...ugh.... the mic was soaked by game's end. Isn't it embarrassing for him to do Nova games now? ("Hey Steve, here's that program you ruined!"). Just sayin'.

LaSalle stayed close to Kansas for a few minutes. Ugh. Loathe Kansas and Self. Speaking of loathesome coaches. I heard after the UConn-Kentucky game last week that Calipari and Calhoun hate each other. I guess it goes back to the days when Calipari was at UMass and they for some reason never played each other. Two assholes.

Wild Eagles game to say the least. Although I've seen better defense at my Ryan's toddler soccer games. Atrocious tackling on both sides.
DeSean God. I mean, I could do without all the showboating, but this guy is outrageous. It's rare to see a guy in the NFL that is just that much faster than everyone else. That punt return was straight out of the schoolyard. It was beautiful how he toyed with the Giants on that play, and it was even better because it brought out the Coughlin "Rocky's Trainer Mickey" face. Jackson should probably get the ball more (and yes, I subscribe to the theory--started by me-- that McNabb doesn't throw to him more because he doesn't want him to become a bigger star. Too late. See: T.O.). For as much as I blast him, Reid was pretty good. Sure there was the requisite blown challenge, but whatever. Some great play calls. Now let's all spray Bactine in our eyes as we think about the next 4 years with him still here.

It's a known fact that the Giants season-ticket holders despise any games that don't start at 1PM. 8:30 starts are their most hated of course there most hated. (65,000 70 year-olds with their thermoses and bologna sandwiches-- it's a bunch of Morty Seinfelds-- they're ready for bed by halftime. "If we're gonna be here till all hours of the night, can we at least order some food?"). So that made the win even sweeter. I'm sure they're just getting home right about now.

NFC East is setting up nice. Dallas with their annual December swan-dive. Stupid stadium. Birds are in good shape. I can see the NFC Championship Game loss coming from a mile away...

I think Wes Welker is my favorite player in the NFL right now. That's one tough honkey. Love watching him play. Speaking of the Pats, I have Randy Moss on my fantasy team. I'm glad he picked my bye week to quit on his team. Shades of Oakland and the horrible end in Minnesota. F the Pats. Also, last Feb. when I was in Vegas I took the Chargers to win the Super Bowl this year. So come on, Bolts!!! My two others were homer bets just missed-- Nova to win it all (stupid UNC) and the Phils to win the World Series (*%#$$*$^*^$&*%@^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Alright, I have a Seinfeld Quizzo to prepare for....


  1. Good win by Temple! I went to the PSU game and it was something like 22-22 at halftime. I don't know how Temple managed to score, what 85 points yesterday...

  2. Speaking of Dallas' stadium. Did they really have 3D glasses for their jumbotron? That whole franchise is a joke. We should've beaten them and Oakland (making us 11-2 with a shot at a home game against Minnesota in the 2nd round of the playoffs).

    I would hate DeSean if he was on any other team. Thank God he's on ours. Who's faster, DeSean or Sproles? Anyone else in the league faster than those two?

    Forget this Big 5 stuff, Drexel's playing at Kentucky next Monday. Huge game for both teams actually. Drexel will get some ESPN time and Kentucky will be going for the 2,000th win.