Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rumor Mill

Scott Eyre and Chan Ho will be looking for new teams next year, because it looks like the Phils are going to mix it up in the pen. The Phils appear not likely to offer Chan Ho and Scott Eyre arbitration, and two names that are popping up are John Smoltz, and J.J. Putz. Smoltz would be a good fit out of the pen if he agreed to being a reliever. If Putz can get healthy this would be a nice addition for a Phils bullpen that needs a shutdown type of bullpen pitcher. He would be a nice insurance policy if Lidge starts his antics again, this guy was an All-Star closer for the Mariners and saved 40 games in 2007. I would love to see the Phils capitalize on another Mets f up. On another note it looks as though the Phils are really interested in bringing Polanco back since he was not offered arbitration by the Tigers. It looks like Figgins is out of the mix for right now, as the Phils are still looking at DeRosa and Beltre at the hot corner. I like Beltre the best out of the three. The guy is younger, a better fielder, and hits for more power than Ploanco and DeRosa. Beltre also kills left handed pitching which is something that the Phils could use with their lefty heavy lineup. I like the idea of Beltre and Putz, but the only problem is if we can afford them or not. Word out of Houston is that shockingly Ed Wade is interested in Brett Myers. Does this suprise anyone?

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  1. Ho still somehow believes he can be a starter. He was great in the 'pen last year. I still expect Eyre to either come back to the Phils or retire. He was pretty good as a situational guy last year. The "loose bodies" helped him in the postseason.

    Not interested in Putz. Smoltz would be too overpriced in my eyes - would rather spend elsewhere.

    Polanco would come cheap and would be a good fit. Might be asking too much but I would rather Polanco and DeRosa. That would give the Phils all kinds of flexibility but would be tough to get them to agree.

    I like Polanco because he is a gold glove fielder and he puts the ball in play. He could hit #2 or #7 in this lineup.