Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Morning After

Villanova 77 Drexel 58: Villanova held Drexel's top 2 scorers, scoreless while improving to 7-0. Antonio Pena had 19 and 11 and Taylor King added 17 for the Cats. Derrick Thomas scored a career high 23 and Chris Fouch scored 20 for the Dragons with Samme Givens adding 10 boards. Hopefully Spider will have some insight on this one.(csnphilly)

Thunder 117 76ers 106: Wow, Kevin Durant is nasty. 33 points on 10-21 shooting. Igoudala scored 28 keeping the Sixers in the game after a slow start. Jrue had a career high 15 points in the loss. 8th straight loss for your 76ers despite shooting 50% from the floor and 60% from downtown. OKC is an intriguing team that may not compete this year but they have 5 guys you can really build around. Durant-Westbrook-Green-Collison-Harden. That is a solid core who could develop into a good team.

Illinois 76 Clemson 74: Clemson was up 51 to 28 in this game. Nice comeback

Wisconsin 73 Duke 69: The Big 10 took the Big10/ACC challenge for the first time in 11 tries. Ahh its always nice to see Duke lose.

Mavs 117 Nets 101: NBA record, 18th straight loss! Though I can make the argument that this team is in better shape than the Sixers. Next 5 games are against sub .500 teams.

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  1. Holding Jamie Harris and Gerald Colds scoreless was impressive, I was surprised it was that close.

    Neither team could score in the first half, but you could tell that 'Nova could've dominated at any minute.