Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Yanks get Granderson

NYY gets: Curtis Granderson from DET

DET gets: Austin Jackson and Phil Coke from NYY; Max Scherzer and Daniel Schlereth from ARI

ARI gets: Edwin Jackson from DET; Ian Kennedy from NYY

This looks like a great trade for the Yankees, a good one for the Tigers and a questionable one for the D'Backs. The Yankees receive a young star in exchange for their top OF prospect and 2 solid pitching prospects. Detroit saves money and gets younger. Getting ESPN's Mark Schlereth's kid who throws gas. Max Scherzer, another potential star who throws gas. And a couple of good prosepcts.

Arizona gets Edwin Jackson and Ian Kennedy which will add to a deep rotation but gave up a lot of potential that they had control over for a long time.


  1. The rich get richer. That was a smart move for New York. It has a chance to be a good move for Arizona if Kennedy reaches his potential. Healthy Webb with Haren, Jackson and Kennedy has a chance to be strong in a weak division. I say good move for Arizona.

    Puzzeling for Detroit. Were they not a playoff team last year? Why rebuild?

  2. Jgas, if anything that Yanks got ripped off for a center fielder that they dont need. Granderson stikes out a ton, and I can already see him not being able to handle the NY pressure, especially as the leadoff man. If anyone made out on this deal its Detroit. They got good young pitching in Max Scherzer and a good relief pitcher in Phil Coke, plus one of the Yankees better prospects Austin Jackson. All for a 28 year old center fielder that they probably wouldnt sign down the road.

    And no the Tigers were not a playoff team last year. They lost to the Twins because Miguel Cabrera decided to go on a bender and beat his wife right before they were about to clinch.

  3. I think Granderson fits the Yankees perfectly and I don't think they gave up alot. Ian Kennedy was like the Yankees version of Carrasco. Coke is just another guy and they have no need for Jackson since they now have Granderson.

    The Tigers gave up 2 good players but got a lot in return. I am not sure why Arizona would do the deal.

  4. I'm amazed that the Tigers let traded Granderson away. I was up in Detroit this past season and Granderson was a hero up there. He was donating major portions of his salary to Detroit charities and their entire marketing campaign revolved around him.

    I realize that the City of Detroit is going through major financial difficulties, but getting rid of him doesn't make sense if they're trying to get more people to show up to their stadium and buy merchandise.

    It couldn't be a salary dump because he was only making $3.5 million/year.

    Am I missing something?

  5. I thought I read he was owed 25 mil over the next 3 years or something like that.