Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The Phils have a major question mark heading into Clearwater and that is bullpen depth. Lidge will not be ready for Opening Day, and Romero remains a question mark as well. So what are the Phils going to do? Well they signed Durbin, and picked up Baez. Next on their list? Well they are trying out Eric Gagne. Thats right, Gagne will be pitching in front of Phillies scouts this afternoon in Arizona to see what this washed up, steroid using, Canadian has left in his tank. Personally I do not have any faith in this guy being an effective pitcher out of the bullpen for the Phils in 2010. I guess we will find out soon if Gagne will be on the Phils roster for the upcoming season.


  1. He is a complete fraud. I want nothing to do with him, he should be out of the league.

  2. Yea i have no interest in him, and i am not sure why the Phils do either.

  3. How about the phils signing Duckworth to a minor league deal. If that doesn't get you pumped up, nothing will.

    Apparently he isnt even invited to spring training - he is just AAA depth for the Iron Pigs.

    Remember when he was a top prospect for the Phils?

  4. The Phils are bringing back Duckworth? Hahaha that is awesome. When was the last time he pitched? I heard Joe Roa is making his way back to the Phils to be the opening day started again.