Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No TV makes Homer something-something...

Rant from R.H.

Temple-Xavier at 7pm tonight. Battle of the top two A-10 teams tonight at the Liacouras Center, but damned if anyone around here will be able to see it. As far as I can tell, it's not being televised locally. In 2010 with 900 channels. Disgraceful. South Florida at Cincinnati on ESPN 2? Who the hell cares about that game? No way that's a better game.

But even more egregious is this local channel TCN (I assume that means The Comcast Network) is showing James Madison-Drexel at 7pm!!!!!!!! That game should be shown to inmates at Guantanamo as a new form of torture. TCN shouldn't exist if it's gonna show crap when something clearly better is available. This would never happen if John Chaney was still alive.

Now I see says it's on the Comcast network, but not according to the listings I'm looking at.

Also, is it me, or does there seem to be an exorbitant amount of women's coverage on ESPN this year? Good God, talk about turning away viewers. Not to sound sexist, but NO ONE outside of the lesbian community cares. If I want to see mad loose ball scrambles every other possession, set shots, and below-the-rim play I'll go sit in the bleachers at my local Y.

Speaking of Temple, good point by Jerardi the other day about how their fans are doing a terrible job (not) showing up. Still can't believe how many Kansas fans were there a few weeks ago. They had to get the tickets somehow. Also an article by Jerardi today about the 1990 LaSalle team which includes a Milko Lieverst reference!! Bad 2nd Round loss to Clemson....Speedy....Ugh.

Thank God Nova held on for dear life against Georgetown. That would've been a bad loss. They have trouble playing with a lead it seems. Not the worst problem to have I guess. I know their style is to play the up-and-down, frenetic pace. But I think you can pull the reigns back at least a little when you're up 15-20. Monroe on G'Town was unstoppable. You can see Nova's achilles heel once again rearing it's ugly head. Unfortunately, lack of size will probably come back to bite them again against a Kansas or Kentucky in March.

Weird to see the Wachovia Center with some life in it. Still a wretched place to watch a basketball game.

Nova-Rutgers tonight!! Woo-hoo! I just saw that Rutgers lost one of their few promising players. 6'9 sophomore decided to transfer to Creighton. Ouch!!
Bad when you're losing out to Creighton, especially when it's not just some floppy-haired white kid. Sorry to say it, but Rutgers should be shit out the bottom of the Big East.

Not surprised Texas lost. I saw them barely beat Texas A&M at home last Saturday. Rick Barnes seems like kind of a phony.

Sign I'm getting old- All these guys playing now that are the kid's of guys I remember watching. Rautins and Triche (dad was a pansy) on Syracuse. Harvey Grant's kid on Clemson. Curry of course, and my personal favorite, Anthony Mason Jr. last year. Nolan Smith. There's a ton of them. Last night, I saw Glen Rice's kid on Georgia Tech (Looks like dad may have run afoul of a white woman. Just sayin'). Wonder why he didn't go to Michigan? Also, there's a Brian Oliver on GT, but no relation. Weird. Artest has a few kids on Binghamton. Ok, kidding.

Awful announcer alert!!: Mike Patrick on ESPN. Should've retired 12 years ago. I don't know if it's because he's hard of hearing or what, but he feels the need to yell WAY too often and too loud about plays that don't warrant it. Also engages in too much painful, uncomfortable back-and-forth with
the analyst. And he kept calling Georgia Tech's arena "The Thrilladome". Christ.

Oh well, at least 'ole Vern Lundquist showed signs of life on Sunday. After Michigan beat UConn, he smartly questioned why the students were storming the court. Almost makes up for the cackles, gaffes, wrong-headed statements and general not paying attention he brings to every telecast.

I heard St. Joe's students stormed the court after they beat Towson the other night. Martelli immediately booked 27 radio/TV appearances.


  1. Also Gerald Henderson from Duke and now playing for Larry Brown...wherever Larry Brown coaches in the NBA.

    Yeah Nova plays at a pace where they can make 15 points disappear, quickly. Whether they are up or down 15.

  2. Yeah, Gerald Henderson. Ex-Sixer great Wes Matthews' kid on Marquette last year, now on the Jazz I believe.
    Taylor King on Nova is Bernard King's adopted white stepchild.

    I'm still waiting for Spider Rico to take offense to that Drexel crack.

    I think Larry Brown coaches that team that always plays the Globetrotters. They still lose by 30, but they play the right way.

  3. Seems like it a pretty good game..48-47 Xavier with 15:00 left..Watching Nova/Rutgers instead.