Saturday, January 9, 2010

Eagles at Cowboys 8 pm - Round 3

What is going to give? The Eagles have not beaten a playoff team this year while the cowboys have not won a playoff game in 13 years. Wade Phillips has never won a playoff game while Andy Reid usually waits a couple more weeks to fall apart. Could this be Phillips last game coaching the cowboys? Could this be McNabb's last game QB'ing the Eagles(Is Kolb rooting for the 'boys?). A lot will be answered tonight.

The key for the Eagles is the damn play calling. Andy and Marty cannot forget about Mccoy and Weaver. To me, Westbrook should be the 3rd down, screen catching back tonight. Make the cowboys respect the run. A focus on the run game, with Celek taking care of the middle of the field will open up the deep pass game.

This Eagles team has to outscore teams. They are a poor defense unless they can create turnovers. If Sheldon Brown and Asante Samuel get beat like they did last week, the Eagles may have to score 40. BLITZ! Romo has not changed, he's a good QB with no pressure (as we saw last week) on him. Get pressure on him and Asante will have a field day.

Random Predictions:

Asante Samuel scores the games first TD.
Romo throws 2 INT's and a fumble
Weaver rushes for 75 yards (only had 1 carry last week!?)
McNabb throws for 2 TD's and runs for 1.
Birds D sacks Romo 3 x's and is hurried all day

Go Birds

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  1. Wow, if your predictions come true, the Eagles win by 3 touchdown's. No "Vick 4 TD" predictions?

    Agreed, you have to run the damn ball (been saying that for 10 years). Mental block with these assholes. Even if you're not getting big chunks of yardage, you have to run to keep their pass rushers honest. Or else Ware and Co. will just be able to pin their ears back again. Football's not as hard a game as Reid and Morningweg would have us believe.
    Also, if they go down early like last week, they can still run the ball. Really, it's okay. You don't have to panic and turn into "Air Coriell" (only nowhere near as good) as Ware foams at the mouth.

    If they're gonna pass all day, they need Westbrook in for his blocking and blitz pickup smarts. He and McCoy blocking are night and day.

    And yes, blitz this guy. What the hell do they have to lose? We saw what happens when they lay back. Another reason they miss Dawkins- he was great at disguising his blitzes. The ushers in the second-deck know when Mickell or Demps is blitzing.

    Cowboys have been reading their press clippings and getting slurped by the media all week. It's pretty obvious Reid held back last week. He should be fired for it, but that ain't happening (sigh).

    My prediciton- Birds win. I get drunk. Jerry Jones fires Phillips on the sidelines during the 4th quarter. McNabb plays okay and is immediately signed to a 15 year/$90 mill. extension. I run into oncoming traffic.