Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ranking the NFC QB's

New Orleans, Minnesota, Dallas, Arizona, Green Bay and Philadelphia are the 6 playoff teams in the NFC this year. All 6 of them have good QB's leading them but only Favre and Warner have won a Super Bowl. Who is the best? Who is the worst? My ranking after the jump. Post yours in the comments.

1. Drew Brees - Hasn't won anything but it's not because of him. I think this guy is the next best QB after Peyton and Brady. He may get a stigma if he loses early though.

2. Brett Favre - He is one of the best to ever play the game - though I feel he has come up small in the postseason. At times hurting his team more than helping. His name wins out though - and I could't imagine any of the others above him.

3. Donovan McNabb - 9-6 record in the postseaon, while more often than not, having to be the teams biggest playmaker. Cannot say that about anybody below. Yeah, his shortcomings are well documented.

4. Kurt Warner- People will want him higher but I say he is the most fortunate player to ever play the game. With hall of fame skill position players around him - he is good. One year in New York, without the hall of famers, he was atrocious. Accurate but he is a product of his teammates ability (Faulk, Bruce, Holt, Fitzgerald, Bolden)

5. Tony Romo- He could change things today. History shows a big dropoff in December and January.

6. Aaron Rodgers - I need to see more of Rodgers. He has a chance to be a good QB but the little I have seen of him - he holds on to the ball too long and takes too many sacks. He could easily be # 5 on the list depending on how things turn out this weekend.


  1. Player Att Comp Pct. Yds TD INT Rating
    Warner 33 29 .878 379 5 0 154.1

    More TD's than incompletions..Warner moves up. McNabb moves down 1 - not behind Romo though. 1 game doesn't do that much..

    Rodgers looked good too but still to small a sampling.

  2. Thank you for making that change. If McNabb's a HOF'er, Warner should have his own wing.

  3. You never heard me say McNabb was a Hall of Famer...

    Don't go overboard on Warner though

  4. No, not you. But alot of others have recently. Well, not after these two Dallas games.

    Warner made Doucet (never heard of him) and Breaston look pretty good. It's amazing what hitting guys in the chest and allowing them to run after the catch can do.

  5. Yeah he's accurate. Also helps when 10 guys are covering Fitzgerald..

    His game against Green Bay was amazing. No argument about that..

    Reid said McNabb was a Hall of Famer - and sportstalk ran with it. If he retired right now - he's not.

    I guess Warner is - he was great for 6 seasons and either bad or a backup for the rest. His 6 good ones do probably get him in, plus he has a great playoff record - something like 9-3..

  6. Right, it was Reid and then people that call into sports radio stations. In other words, people that should be ignored.

    I'd say Warner's in now. Before last year, probably not. His wife's spiked haircut from the late 90's is in The Smithsonian.