Thursday, January 21, 2010

Phils/Blanton Agree

The Phils have announced today that they have reached an agreement with Joe Blanton. The deal is worth 24 million over three years. I like the move to lock him up over the next three years, and to have him as trade bait at the deadline just in case. He can eat innings and is relatively healthy. I am glad that he didn't pursue the 10.25 million that he was asking for because that was absolutely outrageous. He was asking for ace money, when in reality he is at best a number 3 in the rotation. Next, Ruben and the Phils are looking to lock up Victo and Ruiz long term and avoid the rest of their arbitration.


  1. Good move I think. Blanton matches up favorably with most 3's and 4's in baseball. He even held his own against Sabathia in game 4 of the series - at least to the point where the phils had a chance to win the game. The Phils now have 1 thru 4 locked up thru 2012.

    Yeah I heard they are trying to buy out Victo's arbitration years. They don't really have a choice with Ruiz because they have given away all the catching prospects.

  2. Yea i like the move. Locking Victo up would be really nice too. Not many teams can say that they have 4 of the 5 starting pitchers locked up for the next 3 seasons. I like what the Phils are doing

  3. Nice, Victo signed a 3 yr deal for 22 million buying out one of his free agent years. Good move assuming Werth is gone after next year