Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Let's Blow it Up Already

Just over 2 weeks until the NBA's trade deadline and the rumors are picking up. Stefanski has said that there are "no untouchables" and we all have to think that he is included in that. Word is that the Sixers are initiating phone calls involving Igoudala and recent Lou Williams rumors have been popping up.

The NY Daily News (via depressedfan) reports that its not just the players who may be on the move.
The struggling Sixers have been mentioned in the Tracy McGrady sweepstakes, but the bigger rumor involving the team is that ownership wants to clear out president Ed Stefanski and coach Eddie Jordan at the All-Star break. If that's the case, they'd probably install Tony DiLeo for a second straight season as the interim coach.

How about this one? NBA.com's Sam Smith has his theory that a package of Igoudala and Sammy could bring Amare Stoudemire. On top of that he thinks that Elton Brand could be swapped for Gilbert Arenas..Wow.

Here is hoping that they can shed some salary and lose some games. The draft looks like it could be a 3 man party and right now the Sixers have the 5th worst record.

What do you think? Can we get some Sixers talk going?


  1. Bring Back Geiger

  2. Sixers talk!! Bout time!!

    Anyone with a clue knew Jordan was a horrific hire when Stefanski did it (basically because of their buddy-buddy days in Jersey). If he goes, Stefanski has to go too. The guy makes me yearn for Billy King (okay, not really).
    But like King, and Isiah, as soon as he signs a guy to a big contract, he's immediately trying to get out from under it. See: Iguodala (horrific signing, and I said it at the time so this isn't second-guessing), Brand, and Sweet Lou.
    One more thing on Jordan--his substitution pattern, or lack thereof, is just weird as hell. Speights doesn't play for some reason. Neither does Jason Smith. These are young guys, get them out there! Tell Dalembert to take the rest of the season off and go to Haiti and help people get things they can't reach.

    I want no parts of Stoudemire or Arenas unless their contracts are about to expire. Stoudemire has the emptiest numbers in the league. He's soft, has alot of dog in him and is simply not a winning player. Also, I could score 12 a game playing with Nash (20 if I could jump over a phone book). And as for Arenas, well, I don't think I need to say anything.
    So yes, blow it up like Hiroshima. Try to get rid of as many big, bad contracts as possible. Bring a real, professional GM (back a Uhaul full of cash up to Jerry West's house) and coach in here and hope for luck with the ping-pong balls. Because I'd like to care about the Sixers again before reach the age where I start needing regular prostate exams (wait, that's not too far off....dammit!).
    The NBA, where apathy happens.

  3. Speights can't guard me but yeah he has to be in the lineup. He can put up points and maybe he can develop some kind of D. I agree about Jordan's coaching - it make no sense. He was a bad fit from the start.

    I think Igoudala could be a good fit in Cleveland but I read today that Jamison and Troy Murphy are ahead of him on their wishlist.

    I have trouble seeing the Sixers admitting a mistake and trading their best player for expiring contracts...Even if it is best for the team.

    I think Stoudemire has an option for next year. He can opt-out after this year if he wants to. Dalembert has to go..I'm tired of these little spurts out of him that make you think he is turning it around. Apparently Sacramento has some interest?? Why? Ok I dont want to know why - make it happen.

    Just read a rumor about Byron Scott as next head coach for the Sixers...

    What you don't think Arenas would fit in with Vick and Iverson on Delaware Ave?

  4. Once you committ to a guy in the NBA, you better hope it works out. The Igoudala contract was outrageous but they could not have let him walk at the time.

    Let the young guys play. 1. Jrue 2. Iverson 3. Young 4. Brand 5. Speights.

    Obviosly let Iverson go after the season and look for a shooter early in the draft.
    I don't like Lou as a starter but think he can score 15 ppg off the bench. Expensive backup though.

  5. I really like John Wall. A backcourt of him and Jrue Holliday would be pretty nasty.

    I want absolutely no part of Cole Aldrich. Can you say BIG COUNTRY??

  6. I want no part of Arenas either. I would take Amara with a back court of Wall and Holliday.

    When was the last time we had a player we felt confident going to down 1 or 2 or 3 with less than 10 minutes to play? I would say AI, but he didnt' have a long history of many game winning shots.

    Imagine Igoudala on the Lakers or Cavs? He'd be unreal!

    We need to blow this thing up! Danny Ainge did it a few years ago with the Celtics and look what happened. It's the only way this thing is going to work or we're going to be in NBA purgatory FOREVER.

  7. Well Ainge did it by getting aging stars to come together and join Pierce after Pierce tanked it but the C's lost out on the lottery. Not sure that will ever happen again. Although Stern does encourage it, so...I take that back.

    Yeah Igoudala is a very good complementary piece. Disappears too much to be a star. Would take a lot of defensive pressure of Kobe or LeBron..

    Unfortunately for us - the sixers are starting to play better.

  8. That's the thing...is it a violation to root against the Sixers if it's in their best interest long-term??

    See I can do that with the Sixers but can't ever do it with the Eagles.