Monday, February 1, 2010

"Worst" Offseason?

The Phils may have added the best pitcher in baseball but's Tim Marchman is not impressed.

the Phillies are perhaps the one team in baseball that has the most reason to play for this year, and having given up one of the five best pitchers in baseball for no evident reason, their winter has to count not just as a botch, but perhaps the worst in the game

He includes the Royals and the Mets as having pretty bad offseason's but they were going to be irrelevant anyway. I guess he forgot about the Angels. They lost Lackey, Figgins, Vladimir and they are paying Sarge jr 20 million to play for the Mets - although the Matthews deal still may be a good one.

I may never understand the Lee for prospects deal but adding Halladay makes it impossible to be too pissed. I think Polanco has a chance to be a stabilizing influence at the top of the order and Victo's style may be better suited towards the bottom half.

Overall I think it was a pretty positive offseason.

Is February over yet?


  1. Worst offseason?! I mean the Phils definitely didn't have the worst offseason. How about they upgraded at third base, upgraded their bench, not to mention acquired the best pitcher in baseball. How is that the worst offseason. Granted I would like to have seen them address their bullpen a little more, but that is something that will have to wait I guess.

    All of these asshole critics and analysts have to stop bitching about Cliff Lee. Yea it sucks that he is gone, and I think everyone in the Tri-State area would like to have kept him. Well guess, what we didn't. Everyone seems so concerned that Cliff Lee is gone, well here is a news flash, the Phils replaced him with the best pitcher in baseball! Get over it. It seems as though everyone wants to concentrate on Lee being traded, rather than the Phils getting ROY HALLADAY!

  2. Lee just had one of the best postseason's in baseball history. People have a right to be pissed that he is gone.

    If it was a Lee for Halladay trade - I think people would be fine with it but they were seperate deals and they could have had both.

    You are right that if Halladay pitches like Halladay has pitched then people will stop bitching about Lee. I plan on bitching about for a couple more weeks..myself

    No they did not have the worst offseason - they probably had one of the better offseason's in the game but this guy is saying that they could have been the World Series favorites if they kept Lee.

    I'm heading down to Washington for Opening day - check out if interested - limited tickets remain

  3. Roy Halladay has never been on a good team and has dominated the toughest division in baseball for years. Don't get me wrong it was tough to see Cliff Lee go, but we have to get over it and move on. Cole Hamels had a better off season in '08 than Lee in '09, and Halladay will trump Lee in '10.

    Tickets are limited to a Washington Nationals game? You have got to be kidding me, I don't think limited and Nationals were ever in the same sentence when we were talking about tickets

  4. Limited tickets in that package..

    Nowhere did I say that Halladay wasn't a great pitcher.

    Hamels was awesome in '08 but I would say Lee's postseason was more dominant..Very close though

  5. I hear where you are coming from, but I am just saying that what is done is done. No matter how much we approve or disapprove. I feel like that everyone is forgetting the fact that Halladay is the Phils ace, and instead are focusing on the negative which is Lee being traded.

    Lee and Hamels both were dominant, but what is putting Hamels over the top is that he won a ring, and Lee didn't.

  6. I could just copy and paste one of my previous responses about Halladay/Lee so I will just leave it as is.

    Lee sure did his part in the World Series, winning 2 games in a 4-2 series loss. The biggest thing was that he averaged over 8 IP's per start in the postseason. That was HUGE considering the state of that bullpen last year. His performance in Game 1 against Sabathia was legendary..

  7. The Dodgers had a pretty bad offseason too. They didn't really lose anybody but they may have let the other teams catch up. Arizona in particular. They have a strong rotation if Webb can rebound.