Saturday, February 13, 2010

Make a Day of It

Today is a great day for Philadelphia College Basketball. Wake up with your favorite Gentleman Drink and head down to the Dac for Drexel's 12 noon matchup with archrival Delaware. Drexel is in the mix in the CAA at 9-5. Northeastern leads the conference at 12-2 with both losses coming against the Dragons. Drexel is playing much better ball now than they were earlier in the season. Drexel Freshman Chris Fouch has been ruled out for the game which is a big loss.
Unless Drexel falls apart and loses to Delaware again, you should be able to beat the traffic and head down to the Wachovia Center. At 2pm Villanova hosts Providence in a Big East machup. Villanova will try to avoid a letdown following road games against two top ten teams. Nova is sitting a 1/2 game behind Syracuse in the Big East and is in the mix for a #1 seed in the NCAA's.

Hopefully Nova makes quick work of the Friars so you can make it to the other side of town to get good seats for the Rhode Island vs Temple game at the Liacouras Center. Both teams are within 1 game of the A-10 lead and the two teams already played an OT game this season with Temple coming out on top.

After the Temple game head on over to the Palestra to catch Penn against Columbia. It has been a forgettable season for the Quakers but they are coming off a huge upset of a top 25 team. This game is actually somewhat meaningful for the 3-2 Quakers but you don't really need a reason to catch a game at the Palestra.

There is no other city in America where you can do something like this.


  1. Good stuff. It really is true, you couldn't even think about doing this in any other city in America. If I wasn't saddled with a wife, kid, and a little more digging out of this godforsaken snow, I'd be all over this. 23 year-old RH would already be there buzzed from a few Bloody Mary's. Ahh, memories...
    It's a good thing the Drexel game is the first one. That way if you're still tired, you'll have no problem getting some shut-eye during it (obligatory zinger for Rico).
    Also works out perfectly that you'd be getting out of North Philly right about sundown. Temple needs to bounce back today.

    I heard Doris Burke is doing all four games.

  2. Me and Spider made it to 3 of the 4 games with frequent stops to New Deck- only missed the Nova/Providence game.

  3. It was a great day for basketball!

    Hey RH, that boring Drexel team is probably the 3rd best team in the city behind 'Nova and Temple and all Philly teams are afraid to play at Drexel's high school gym.

    Penn's guards looked really good but they still need some big man help. They got a verbal committment from 6'8" forward Fran Dougherty from Archbishop Wood (no relation to any contributor to this site). Hopefully he puts on some weight and helps them down low.

  4. Ha! That's true Rico, they may be the third best team in the city. Although after Nova and Temple, that's kind of like winning a tallest midget contest. I heard two students got detention for smoking grass under the bleachers in Drexel's gym.
    Fran Dougherty's not related to you guys? I thought he was the long-lost Dougherty brother that was banished to Siberia because he was too tall and would always dunk on you guys growing up.

  5. New Deck's a great long as it's not too packed. Why did you snub Nova? Nah, South Philly is a trek from everything else.