Monday, February 15, 2010

Nova Goes Down

Coming into this game UCONN had lost 5 of their last 6, including an embarrassing ass-kicking at the hands of Cincinatti on Saturday. None of that mattered tonight, however, as they held the lead throughout the second half against No.3 Villanova and came out victorious, 84-75. Nova got into foul trouble early in the second and couldn't get their offense going at all. Scottie Reynolds had a solid game, as usual, but UCONN's Kemba Walker - 29 points, 8 rebounds - was just too much for the Wildcats in this one. Reynolds finished the game with 18 points and 4 steals. Taylor King, on the other hand, was 0-6 for 0 points.

Villanova is now 11-2 in the Big East, 22-3 overall. Next up: Saturday @ Pitt.


  1. Nova has been playing sloppy lately. They cut down on the turnovers today but shot below 30% from downtown. They were in the penalty, like 3 minutes into the game.

    I saw this one coming...+400 bet on centsports..UCONN got embarrassed the other day against Cinci - you knew they were going to play above their heads. Its amazing that UCONN and UNC are both probably NIT bound.

    Noticed alot of empty seats.

  2. Reynolds had solid numbers but disappeared in the 2nd half.

    With Syracuse and Georgetown's losses over the wekeend, 'Nova is pretty much in the same position that they were last week.

    Haven't lossed two games in a row in about three years so I expect them to handle Pitt on Saturday.

  3. By the way, 'Nova plays Pitt on Sunday, not Saturday

  4. Saturday, Sunday...what's the difference? You're a real asshole, Spider.

  5. Reynolds did have a weak second half, but I'll give him a pass since he's been carrying them, especially in the second half of games. Someone else has to step up once in a while. Corey Stokes has a tendency to disappear too often. And I'm President of the Taylor King Fan Club, but I've been surprised how off his 3-point shot has been all year. But at least he does alot of other things when his shot is off. Unlike, um, Stokes.
    Nova will be fine. Still looking at 2 seed at worst.

    Agreed Mike, there did look to be alot of empty seats. I heard some of the Nova fans actually put down their Blackberries and watched some of the second half.

    I loathe Calhoun. Was that Dwayne Anderson with a white broad behind the bench? You go, Dwayne!

  6. Taylor King needs to go back to Duke and let Coach K teach him to shoot 3s again.