Wednesday, May 27, 2009

JoePa looks to expand the Big Ten

Joe Paterno would like to see the Big Ten add another school to the conference to make it easier to have a money making Conference Title game. The Penn State Head Coach mentioned Pitt, Syracuse and Rutgers as three Eastern schools that he would like to see join the mostly Mid-Western Conference. He hinted at a school that plays in the New York market which happens to suggest Rutgers - coached by former PSU assistant Greg Schiano.

Recently it was announced that Penn State will play a "home and home" with Rutgers in 2014 and 2015. This is interesting because Penn State is only willing to play Pitt on a 2 to 1 scale, meaning 2 at Beaver Stadium for every game at Heinz Field. Penn State and Pitt have played 96 times dating back to 1893 but have not played each other since 2000.

It sure seems like Paterno still holds a grudge against Pitt due to Pitt being selected to the Big East over State after JoePa's Eastern All Sports league fell through, years ago. I think he should get over it. I understand he does not want to overload his non conference schedule with heavyweights when he already has the likes of Buffalo, Akron, Temple and Eastern Illinois but...Pennsylvania, and more importantly, myself, would love to see a game (series) between the only 2 big time programs in the state...Sorry Temple.

Asked about the possibility of it being Notre Dame added as the 12th team to the Conference, Paterno responded "There's some pressure, I would suppose, to maybe go back to Notre Dame and ask again, which I would not be happy with, I think they've had their chance."

Let's go State


  1. Hey Doc, I agree that the Big Ten needs to add another team because they two month break at the end of the season kills all momentum. However, why not try to pull a team from the Big 12?

    The Big 10 has the money to lure away a Missouri and/or a Nebraska away from the Big 12. Nebraska may not work though because Paterno is still upset about the '94 Championship fiasco.

    While they're at it, they may want to get rid of the Northwestern. They haven't been good since Darnell Autry roamed their backfield.

  2. I would love to see a Big Ten Championship game, and I'd like to see the in-state rivalry get heated up again too. Would Pitt consider leaving the Big East considering their basketball ties to the conference? Does that even matter?

  3. The Big Ten has been rumored to be luring Missouri from the 12 and Missouri could be interested due to some potential geographical rivalry games with Iowa, Indiana and Illinios. Nebraska would make sense and would bring a more national following but I have trouble seeing them leave the Big 12. I don't really think Pit would have any interesr in leaving the Big East(I wouldn't) - I think Joe Pa mentioned them just to make people believe he holds no grudge. I think Paterno wants Rutgers, Schiano wants the Big Ten, but not sure if the rest of the mostly mid-western schools want Rutgers - some (Michigan, Michigan st and Bobby Knight) were not too happy about includung PSU years back.

    Good call on former Eagle Darnell Autry...The All-American LB from that '96 Rose Bowl team, Pat Fitzgerald is now N'Western's head coach.