Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Phils Recap

So the Phils continue their terrible stretch at home. Game one had former Phillie great Wes Helms, who by the way Doc is on my list of top 3 Phillies third basemen of all time, light up the Phils. Veteran Jamie Moyer made a horrible 3-o pitch to another ex-Phillie Paulino with the pitcher on deck to drive in a crucial run for the Fish with 2 outs. Now you know that the pitcher is on deck why not intentionally walk him to get to the pitcher? Then it was Victorino's turn when the Phils showed signs of life in the 9th and he makes the first out of the inning by getting caught stealing down 2 runs. All around it was a horrible start to the series. There was one bright spot and that was Howard's 2 bombs.

Game two the Phils dominated for the most part until the bullpen and Howard did the best they could to blow it. Howard made his first error of the year, but I think that I can forgive him for that considering it was his first of the year. It was good to see "Heavy B" Blanton get a quality start and go 7 strong with 11 K's. Lidge also looked good getting the final three outs of the game for the save.

Tonight was awful. The bats were dead, and who the f is Badenhop? You have got to be kidding me that Badenhop shut down this offense for 5 innings while Meyers once again cannot put together 2 consecutive good outings. He also injured his hip in the game as well. I guess his wife is in trouble tonight.

Overall the Phils did not play very well this series and for some reason they are struggling at home this year. They are now officially out of first with the Mets win over the Nationals tonight. They need to get their shit together at home. If you cannot get fired up to play in front of your home crowd then something has to change. Chase Utley needs kick these guys asses and get them going in that locker room.


  1. Don't be surprised when Florida is up there in the East at the end of the year. They have a good squad and their bats have gone silent in May.

    Granted, it was a bad loss, but it's not like they lost to the Nationals.

    If the Phils lose 2-of-three to the Nats this weekend, then you can start complaining Sec202. Right now, you need to realize that the Mets will fall off and the Phillies pitching will turn it around.

    You need to realize that the NL East isn't all that good.

    Another thought Sec202, stop worrying about the standings because we're not even out of May yet. It really doesn't matter unless the Phils go on a tailspin and are 8-10 games out at the break (but in the NL East, even that isn't' impossible to overcome).

  2. It's definitely too early to panic, but the home record is a little concerning.

  3. Over reacting here. This was a let-down series. Phils just went into the heavy World Series favorites' ball park and took 2 of 3 from them - pretty much dominating them except for a couple of shaky 9th inning performances. Last night was a tough loss because they had an established pitcher going against a minor leaguer who was playing without his # 1 bat.

    Its a little concerning about the home record but it will even out - as will the away record..