Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sixers Heading South of the Border

The NBA announced yesterday that the Sixers are scheduled to play a preseason game against the Phoenix Suns in Monterey, Mexico on October 18th. The game will be the 18th NBA game to take place in Mexico. Preseason basketball! Mexico! I’m there! The only positive that could come out of this trip is a possible swine flu outbreak in Sam Dalembert’s hotel room. File this story under ‘Who Gives a Shit’.


  1. The average attendence for an NBA game in Philadelphia is about 10,000 people and plummeting. Average for a preseason game in Philadelphia against the Suns? They'd be lucky to put a comma in the number!

    Bringing that game to Mexico will be an instant sell out and put a ton of money in the NBA Execs' pockets.

    The Sixers have finally realized that we don't care about them, so why do you think they should care about us?

    Before you know it the Philadelphia 76ers will become the Mexico City Cinco de Mayos.

  2. I like it. I can see Shaq calling himself the Big Sombrero and finishing his career down there.
    Would not have been surprised to see these 2 play in Canada because of Nash and Dalembert but yeah clearly a money maker for Stern and company