Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Braves cut ties with 305 Game Winner

The Atlanta Braves have released future HOF pitcher Tom Glavine. The team thought that the pitcher, who was part of the rotation that brought Atlanta to 5 World Series appearances during the 90's, didn't have good enough stuff to get Major League hitters out - according to sources. The Braves will save $1 Million, the bonus Glavine was due to receive for pitching in the majors this year. The 1995 World Series MVP is still looking to pitch and has gained velocity in his last 2 rehab starts while throwing 11 scoreless innings.

The LA King's 1984, 4th round draft pick's release comes on the day the Big Unit will try to become the first pitcher since him to win 300 games. (more on that below)

Glavine was a great pitcher and the Phils certainly have seen him enough while playing against the Braves and Mets but here's hoping they don't go near him when looking for another starting pitcher.


  1. He should call it quits. I've actually looked forward to the Phils facing him in the recent past. He hasn't been himself in years.

  2. It would've been nice if Maddux, Smoltz & Glavine retired in the same year so they could all go to the HOF together. As much as I hated them because they wore Braves uniforms, it was one of the (if not THE) best rotation ever and definitely fun to watch.

  3. I think Glavine will get picked up by someone like the Royals or Marlins. He will go to a team that has young pitching that needs a veteran starter to each the young pitchers.

  4. I'm just a little surprised they let him rehab all this time and then said- we don't need you - when he was about ready. I know they have a pretty solid rotation but...

    Maybe it was smart but just seems cold

  5. From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

    Braves legend John Smoltz ripped his former team's release of good friend Tom Glavine, telling reporters in Detroit "it's just not how you treat people." "I'm using a very soft word in 'disappointed' because that ain't right," said Smoltz, a teammate of Glavine's for 16 years. The duo won 454 games and three Cy Young Awards as Braves.