Thursday, June 25, 2009

Top 5 Cornerbacks

Last week I posted Ray Didinger’s top safeties on DirtyWudders. This week on CSNPhilly, Ray posted his top 5 cornerbacks in franchise history. Here they are with an abbreviated description. To read the full article, click here.

l. Eric Allen (1988-94) – He played 14 seasons in the NFL, seven with the Eagles, and tied the club record with 34 pass interceptions. He returned five interceptions for touchdowns, four in one season (1993). One of Allen’s touchdowns was a spectacular 94-yard return against the New York Jets, a twisting, weaving run that was selected for the NFL Films video “The 100 Greatest Touchdowns of All-Time.”

2. Troy Vincent (1996-2003) – He earned five consecutive trips to the Pro Bowl (2000-04). Vincent was the total package at cornerback. Vincent ranks seventh on the Eagles all-time interception list (28) and shares the record for the longest interception return with James Willis for their 104-yard interception and lateral touchdown against Dallas in 1996.

3.Tom Brookshier (1953, 1956-61) – There is a whole generation – maybe two – that knows Brookshier only as a broadcaster. But once upon a time, he was a star cornerback for the Eagles. He intercepted eight passes as a rookie in 1953 and after missing two full seasons due to military service, he returned to help the Eagles win the NFL title in 1960.

4.Herman Edwards (1977-85) – Edwards started every game for nine seasons at cornerback for the Eagles. His streak of 135 consecutive starts ranks sixth in team history. He intercepted 33 passes, one short of the team record. And of course, in 1978 he scooped up the fumble that became “The Miracle of the Meadowlands.” A rich history, indeed.

5.Irv Cross (1961-65, 1969) –He was voted into the Pro Bowl twice (1965-66), and he did not miss a game in his final five seasons with the Eagles.

Dirty Wudders cannot claim to have seem Brookshier, Herm or Cross in action so I will have to offer my own top 5.

1. Eric Allen
2. Troy Vincent
3. Bobby Taylor –Big DB who was brought in to defend Michael Irvin. Notre Dame’r was not much of a tackler but was a good cover corner.
4. Lito Sheppherd – Always had his best games against Dallas.
5. Mark McMillan - Little guy, 5’7”, made plays

I know there are opinions about this. Lets hear some


  1. Hard to argue against 1 & 2
    3. Sheldon Brown - "It was like running through a cardboard box." Re: the hit on Reggie Bush in the playoffs.
    4. Bobby Taylor
    5. Lito

  2. Lito can not be up on that list. He didn't play long enough and was always hurt. When healthy (except for last year) he played well, but not eligable for the Top 5.

    Vincent and Allen were nasty and Bobby Taylor was underrated because of his hit-hesitancy.

    Don't know much about the other guys, but do you think Herm Edwards would be on that list if it wasn't for the Miracle in the Meadowlands?

  3. Didn't play long enough? He was drafted in '02! Al Harris didn't play long enough. Lito did. If you are going to rip a pick, at least have the nutz to replace it with someone.

    Sheppherd was a play maker, where Brown was a cover guy. It is a toss up, I can see the argument for Sheldon but I would pick Lito.

  4. Calm down Doc...I know it's rough, but I'm sure they'll keep Neverland Ranch open for you.

    Sheldon has been more consistant over the years. Lito has probably only had three season where he played more than 12 games.

    Where's Izel Jenkins on this list?

  5. Sheldon Brown was/is adequate at best. Toast is with Rod Hood and Will "don't call me Peterson" James on the outside looking in.

    I bet you are the first one to pull off a Michael Jackson joke today...

  6. No love for Roynell Young?

  7. Can't say I saw him play..

  8. Eric Allen, Bobby the Blanket, Troy Vincent, Lito and Sheldon, please.