Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Say No to Pedro

It is being reported that the Phils watched Pedro Martinez throw a simulated game Tuesday in the Dominican Republic, claiming to be “exploring all options”. According to sources at ESPN, though, the Phils are more interested than they are letting on. Per ESPN’s report, Pedro’s fastball was clocked between 88-91 MPH and he had good movement on his breaking ball.

Here are the 37-year-old right hander’s stats over the last three years with the Mets:

2006: 9-8, 4.48 ERA, 132 IP

2007: 3-1, 2.57 ERA, 28 IP

2008: 5-6, 5.61 ERA, 109 IP

I would have a serious problem with the Phils making this move. First of all, I believe his presence would be a major distraction, especially for the first couple weeks. Secondly, he has been plagued by injuries over his last few seasons, and the fact that he is now 37-years-old does not bode well for his making it through even half a season. Lastly, I don’t feel like he is the answer to any of the Phillies problems. They need a No.2 SP to be able to compete in the postseason; Pedro is AT BEST a No.3 in the rotation right now. I would be more comfortable if they continued to throw young guys out there, i.e. Bastardo, Carpenter, Carrasco, etc., or rode Doc’s boy Lopez for a little while longer and see what they can get out of him. What would Pedro bring to this team that they don’t already have? What does he have to offer? People will probably say, “But he’s a winner! He’s one of the best ever! He has postseason experience!” Give me a break. Ask the Mets how his winning attitude worked out for them; ask the Mets how many postseasons he carried them through.


  1. I don't think you can hope to compete with Bastardo, Carpenter & Carrasco. These guys are barely/if at all #5 pitchers. If we're not going after Halladay, then I say why not sign Pedro to a pro-rated 1-year deal?

    We don't need post-season experience because we won the world series last year. We have enough of that. Last year we would've used that as a criteria.

    Hamels is going to have a Cy-like 2nd half and having Pedro (not giving up on Halladay), Blanton, Happ & Moyer will give our offense a chance.

  2. To me, Pedro would be a Chan Ho like bullpen arm. Phils don't need another 5 inning starter. People got all excited because he got some Netherland batters out in March, not interested. Used to be a great pitcher. Not anymore.

  3. I thought I liked the idea of Pedro on the Phils would be a good fit, but now I am not so sure. I mean the guy hasn't pitched since March, and he is almost 40. It is not worth it he will never be able to get into baseball shape and will be worthless for the Phils.

  4. Isn't another 5-inning starter exactly what Carpenter, Carrasco & Bastardo is? Don't you agree that he's a step up on them?

    You're right that he's probably not in baseball shape yet, but that's the reason we're looking at him now. If we can get 4-5 starts out of him, it's worth the pick-up.

  5. Pedro had a 5.61 ERA last year. What makes you think he can pitch in Citizens Bank Park?

    There will be better options than Pedro available