Monday, July 27, 2009

Two Scumbags to be Charged in CBP Death

Philadelphia police are set to charge two suspects in the beating death of 22-year-old David Sale on Saturday in the parking lot of Citizens Bank Park.  I hope these two - if they are in fact the guilty parties - get the book thrown at them.  I don’t understand this kind of thing.  You head down to a Phillies game to have a good time, maybe have a few beers and watch a game – where does fighting play a part in the game day experience?  I can guarantee these punks were at McFadden’s looking for a fight, you see these kinds of people all the time. They’re the same scumbags giving Philly fans a bad name around the country.  99% of fans at CBP are there to have a good time, but you get trash like this ruining it for everyone.  The contributors at Dirty Wudders have attended every Sunday home game for the last three years and have never so much as gotten into an argument, let alone a brawl.  What’s the point? It’s a goddamn shame this kid had to die in order to save the world from having to deal with two thugs for the rest of their lives, hopefully.  There is no room for scum like that at a Phillies game, a bar, or anywhere else for that matter.   

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  1. That is just absurd. I was reading that it was all over a spilled beer too. Also he was there on a bachellor party, and he was the brother of the bride. I hope that you pieces of shit rot in jail for the rest of your life. You are the trash that gives Philly a bad name and you should never see the light of day again.