Thursday, September 17, 2009


The Phils cut the magic number to 11 last night with a big win. Jason Werth hit a huge grand slam in the 7th to break it open, giving the Phils a 6-0 nothing lead. It was good to see Blanton get back on track last night. He dominated the Nats for six innings, striking out seven. Willie Harris singled off of Tyler Walker with 2 outs in the ninth to drive in the Nats only run. The Phils were one out away from three consecutive shutouts, which hasn't been done since 1969. These are the games that the Phils have to win to keep the Marlins down and out. Tonight Hamels goes for the sweep against the Nationals Ross Detweiler.

A Marlins player was quoted on XM satellite radio yesterday as saying that the NL East is theirs to take. Are you kidding me? How is it yours to take? The Phils have been in first for basically the whole year. I guess this jack ass was thinking that they have the Phils six more times this year. I mean the Phils are the class of the NL and it is their division to lose, not the Marlins' to win. The Phils have to win 11 out of their next 18 to clinch the NL East for the third consecutive year. They have one more with the Nats tonight, three with the Braves, six with the Marlins, four with the Brewers, and four with the Astros. Hopefully it will not come down to the last series of the year to determine the division against the Marlins. Prediction the Marlins fall apart and the Phils have it wrapped up by the end of the Houston series.

Other news: J.C. Romero may return to the pen next week after throwing what was called an encouraging bullpen session. Romero says that he would like to make at least 5 relief appearances before the postseason. Also J.A. Happ will make his first start on Friday since September 2nd. He will be facing a tough Braves team who have won 6 straight.

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