Thursday, September 24, 2009

DWDW - Thursday Bonus Edition

Dirty Wudders Degenerate Wagering is a feature of this Blog where the contributors embarrass themselves picking a particular week's games against the spread. Here is our pick for the Thursday night college game:

No.4 Mississippi(2-0) @ South Carolina(2-1) Line: Ole Miss(-4.5) O/U: 53

Ole Miss is 8-1 against the spread in their last 9 games, and 17-5 in their last 22 overall - not too bad. Junior QB Jevan Snead threw for 209 yards and three touchdowns last week, extending his school record to eight straight games with multiple scoring passes. He's a beast. Snead will try to help the Rebels avenge last season's 31-24 loss to South Carolina and lead them to their first victory in a SEC opener since 2003. I don't see the Cocks pulling it out this week - pun intended. Go with the Rebels.

Pick: Ole Miss giving the 4.5


  1. FYI

    I was criticicized by Namesake and Doc yesterday for wanting to pick the Cocks. This is the exact email from Doc:

    " I mean….I think Section 202 just likes the nickname. I would say Ole Miss but the line is interesting…I am going to a rehearsal dinner shortly."

    So what if I like the nickname, who are you two to judge? A rehearsal dinner? Thats pretty sweet. Hopefully you got Nasty like the Cocks did. Cause I know Namesake acted like a little school boy bitch last night. I was told by one of our followers, not mentioning any names (Nard Dog) that he had to do "Housework".

  2. I should have known. Section 202 has always loved the Cocks.

    I said- I mean... because in almost every post you write (1 per week, on average), you start each sentence with the words - I mean... The only debate here is whether you love the words "I mean", more than you love the cocks.

  3. You should have known that Cock.

    I just copied and pasted the email from yesterday. I didn't know that you were trying to rip into me in the email. I MEAN sorry I'm not writing blogs like I work for espn. I write my posts in slang. This is supposed to be an opinionated blog not a news report. You can find the news on any web site.

  4. I mean, there is no need to apologize.

  5. What happend to the post about Doc?

  6. I don't know. I thought I was going to get some nice exposure but I don't see it anymore.