Thursday, September 24, 2009

You'll Never Guess What Happened in the 9th

That’s right Phils fans, Brad Lidge blew another one! Anyone surprised? Me neither.  In a season that can only be described as a goddamned disaster for the Phils closer, Lidge blew his eleventh game of season last night against the Marlins.  It’s unnerving to think about a playoff game involving this guy.  How can the Phillies feel safe without a three-run lead heading into the 9th? How can Charlie keep throwing Lidge out there to be battered night in and night out? It is beyond ridiculous to be talking about this on September 24th , but this is the situation Lidge has put the Phillies in. I know we’re beating a dead horse here, but what should they do? I still say give the ball to Madsen. I know he’s blown a few as well, but I honestly cannot remember the last clean save Lidge has recorded.  At least with Madsen pitching there would be a little suspense, with Lidge on the mound the outcome is a forgone conclusion. I’m sick of this shit. The playoffs are just a few days away - something needs to change.  


  1. Its the same old song with Lidge. Last night in a one run game he gives up a leadoff double in the ninth. With a runner on second and no one out I thought that Lidge made some good pitches to get the next two outs especially the strikeout pitch to Baker. He nibbled at Hanley which is fine by me, and eventually walked him. The problem last night was if you watched the 9th inning it was slider after slider after slider. I think he might have thrown 3 fastballs the whole inning. This is the big leagues. Hitters are going to figure you out if you keep throwing sliders! Barry Larkin said it last night on MLB Network, he said "I dont think pitchers realize how hard it is for hitters to handle a 94mph fastball in on the hands." There you go Lidge that is coming from a hall of fame short stop. You have a 94mph fastball, USE IT YOU ASSHOLE!

    This is a major concern for the Phils as they are about to enter the playoffs. Last year when teams played the Phils it was an 8 inning game, because you knew that Lidge and the pen would shut it down. This year it is has turned into a one inning game. You never know what is going to happen in the 9th. No matter how good our offense is, if you cannot make three outs in the 9th you are in some real trouble. Manuel needs to stop this whol loyalty thing and start putting someone out there that can get the job done. I dont care if its Madson, Eyre, Walker, Chan Ho, Durbin, Romero, Myers, anyone! Would someone please step up and take control of this situation? This team is way too good to be getting eliminated in the Division Series.

  2. I do not think it was ever a "loyalty" issue. This team is better with an effective Lidge and the Phillies WERE in a situation where they could let him work thru it. Unfortunately he never did. Everybody talks about how he should have been removed months ago. That is comlete garbage. Section - you named 6 guys who could step up and replace him. 4 of them happen to be hurt right now. The problem is obvious - the solution is not.

    It's not a matter of what he is throwing. Everything he is throwing is being hit hard. He does not have it this year. Two years ago Adam Eaton was left off of the playoff roster, last year, Kendrick was. Those guys had better numbers than Lidge. Brad Lidge should be shut down. Cut your losses and maybe he can come back next year. Maybe he can't.

    This team can still win without Lidge. Think about how good they are. They are on track to win more games this year, than they did last year and last year, Lidge had a perfect seasson - this year he had the all-time worst.

    If I am Chalie. I announce today that Brad Lidge aggravated his knee last night and is unable to pitch for the remainder of the season. I announce that it will be closer by committee, but in house, I tell Madsen that he is the closer. Then I hope that the rest of the 'pen gets healthy in the next 2 weeks ago. This team is going to have to ride Horse # 1 and Horse # 2 (Hamels and Lee in any order) in the postseason.

  3. I think that it has something to do with Manuel being loyal to his players. I mean its not a bad thing at all, but enough is enough. I agree Doc he should not have lost his job months ago. The Phils have had a comfortable enough lead throughout the season to try to let Lidge work through it. Now that it is almost playoff time Lidge needs to go.

    I believe it has everything to do with what he is throwing. He has the same stuff that he did last year, but it is not as effective because he throws the same pitch every time. The difference between Brad Lidge of '08 and Brad Lidge of '09 is that in he was able to locate his fastball and get hitters out with his slider. This year he has no confidence in his fastball or himself, and he has to resort to throwing his out pitch 90% of the time which has now become useless. How are you going to be successful by using your slider every pitch. Hitters are feasting on that pitch right now. He needs to mix up his pitches and keep hitters off balance to be effective.

    I wouldn't be against Lidge being shut down for the year at this point, but like you said Doc a lot of the Phils arms in the bull pen are hurt. Maybe if we can get some of them back we can do that, but right now Lidge is an arm in the pen. Romero is rehabbing in Clearwater, and Eyre was warming up last night so thats two lefties that hopefully can get healthy for the playoffs. Also one positive thing is that once playoffs start the Phils will most likely have a 3 to 4 man rotation which will leave at least Pedro or Happ out of the rotation. Maybe one of these two can get the job done. You are forgetting about Horse #3 Doc. Joe Blanton. He has something like 11 quality starts out of his last 14 outings. Thats not too bad.

    This is a very good team that will win more games this year than years past. Offensively and Defensively no one can compete. Their rotation since the break has been really good too. All of this looks great on paper, but the playoffs are a different story. Anything can happen and anyone can beat anyone. Like I said it doesn't matter what happens the first 8 innings if you cannot make the last three outs.

  4. Yeah, I don't buy that his stuff is still the same. You have a better chance of convincing me that he sold his soul to the devil in exchange for a perfect 2008 season. In which I would say- Thank You Brad.

    I agree, I like Blanton. But Lee and Hamels have the ability to eliminate the need for a closer on any given night they pitch.

  5. They'll need a 4th starter in the LCS and (hopefully) the Series. Make Happ the 4 and Pedro the closer. He's shown he can still pitch and he can't be any worse than Lidge or Madsen. If Ryan F'n Franklin can do it, an all-time great can too.
    Madsen looks petrified when he closes, and hasn't even been getting people out in the 8th recently.

  6. His stuff is the same. The only difference is that he only uses one pitch this year. Last year he relied on both pitches in his arsenal.

    Lee and Hamels are the aces of the staff. They are exactly what you want at the top of the rotation. Blanton is probably one of the best three's in the NL. He is not a bad pitcher to fall back on if for whatever reason Lee or Hamels loses a game.

    I like RH's idea with Pedro as the closer. On Phillies clubhouse last week Pedro said that he will do whatever Charlie tells him to do. That is a good attitude that he is bringing to Philly. Happ pitched good last night too. So that is a good sign that he is getting healthy again

  7. Yeah Madsen has an ERA over 7 as a closer too. I'm not against the Pedro idea except that how do you know how often he can pitch? If he closes game 1, when can he pitch again?

    The "Old Goat" could really use the last 2 weeks to get his arm ready if he is going to used in relief. If you are saying - throw Pedro into the Closer mix - I agree.

    Its been talked about before and I kind of laughed about it but...can Happ close? Nobody knows, but he has always pitched well in every situation he's been put in.

  8. Amaro Jr. announced today that Lidge is no longer the Phillies full time closer. He has also stated that he will consider other options... whatever that means.

    I for one welcome this announcement but it leaves alot of uncertainty/controversy leading into the playoffs. Who will fill the role? Madsen is the obvious choice but he has not performed well in the closer role. It is ashame for Madsen to suddenly be put in this situation. He was lights out in his relief role but now because of Lidge's mediocrity he has to deal with the criticism.

    Back to Lidge. With this annoucement I have to believe that the majority of the team is relieved. Despite all their pleasant platitudes uttered during interviews, I am sure they are all happy that finally something has been done. This season in the 9th I guarantee they have been all thinking "Fuck" here comes Lidge... time for batting practice.

    For all those who have participated in team sports I am sure you have experienced or unfortunately been a direct participant in a similiar situation.

    It is the critical part of the game and in comes Williams. The guy who doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. Suddenly the mindset of every other competent player on that field changes.

    "Shit now I have to cover more ground. I have to hit this one out of the park. I have to make up for anything that William's will inevitably fuck up."

    The point is when a cancer such as Lidge steps on the field, metally players are taken off their game, their routine, and their traditional responsibilities.

    Lidge will eventually make it into a game this post season. Maybe Curt Schilling will take pity on Philly fans and donate 43,000 towels so we all can collectively hang our heads in the 9th.