Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sharks 4 - Flyers 1

No Offense for the Flyers tonight. Manny Malhotra scored 2 goals and Danny Heatley added another as the Sharks knocked the Flyers off today in philly. Darroll Powe scored the Flyers goal.

Thanks for the pic, Spider Rico. Tough game by Brian Boucher allowing 4 goals on 38 shots. Coburn and Timonen were both -3 on the night.

Go Flyers

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  1. You're all over the NHL. Wait, when did the Flyers season start? This was preaseason, right??
    No Diante Christmas post? Rough week. Cut by the Sixers then busted in N. Philly with Speights' car and loaded gun under the seat (you know Speights "forgot" to tell him about that too). Speights had a nice rookie year, but I think he was on good behavior. I can see him turning into Rasheed Wallace pretty quickly. And that's not a compliment.