Friday, February 26, 2010

DW's NL West Preview

Today we take a look at the NL West. The Dodgers have taken the last 2 division crowns while the Rockies have also made the playoffs in 2 of the last 3 years. The Giants have a stacked rotation with questionable bats and the D'Backs are coming off a last place finish in a season where they were expected to contend. The Padres are just not very good. DW takes a peak at the teams after the jump..


2009 record: 95-67

Manager: Joe Torre

Arrivals: IF Jamey Carroll, OF Reed Johnson

Departures: LHP Randy Wolf, OF Juan Pierre, 2B Orlando Hudson, RHP Guillermo Mota, 1B Jim Thome

Rotation: RHP Chad Billingsley, LHP Clayton Kershaw, RHP Hiroki Kuroda, RHP Vicente Padilla, RHP James McDonald, LHP Scott Elbert, LHP Eric Stults, RHP Charlie Haeger, RHP Carlos Monasterious

Closer: RHP Jonathan Broxton

Setup: LHP George Sherrill

Lineup: SS Rafael Furcal, CF Matt Kemp, LF Andre Ethier, LF Manny Ramirez, 1B James Loney, 3B Casey Blake, C Russell Martin ,2B Ronnie Belliard,


2009 record: 92-70

Manager: Jim Tracy

Departures: RHP Jason Marquis, 1B/3B Garrett Atkins, C Yorvit Torrealba

Arrivals: IF Melvin Mora, C Miguel Olivo

Rotation: RHP Ubaldo Jimenez, RHP Aaron Cook, LHP Jeff Francis, LHP Jorge De La Rosa , RHP Jason Hammel

Closer: RHP Huston Street;

Setup: RHP Rafael Betancourt, LHP Franklin Morales

Lineup: CF Dexter Fowler, LF Carlos Gonzalez, 1B Todd Helton, SS Troy Tulowitzki, RF Brad Hawpe, 3B Ian Stewart, C Chris Iannetta, 2B Clint Barmes


2009 record: 88-74

Manager: Bruce Bochy

Departures: LHP Randy Johnson, OF Randy Winn

Arrivals: OF/IF Mark DeRosa, OF/1B Aubrey Huff, RHP Guillermo Mota

Rotation: RHP Tim Lincecum, RHP Matt Cain, LHP Barry Zito, LHP Jonathan Sanchez, LHP Madison Bumgarner

Closer: RHP Brian Wilson

Setup: LHP Jeremy Affeldt

Lineup: CF Aaron Rowand, 2B Juan Uribe, 3B Pablo Sandoval, 1B Aubrey Huff, LF Mark DeRosa, C Bengie Molina, RF Nate Schierholtz, SS Edgar Renteria


2009 record: 70-92

Manager: A.J. Hinch

Departures: LHP Doug Davis, RHP Max Scherzer, LHP Daniel Schlereth, LHP Scott Schoeneweis

Arrivals: RHP Edwin Jackson, 1B Adam LaRoche, RHP Ian Kennedy, 2B Kelly Johnson, RHP Aaron Heilman, RHP Bob Howry

Rotation: RHP Dan Haren RHP Brandon Webb, RHP Edwin Jackson, RHP Ian Kennedy, RHP Bill Buckner

Closer: RHP Chad Qualls

Setup: RHP Bob Howry

Lineup: SS Stephen Drew, 2B Kelly Johnson, RF Justin Upton, 1B Adam LaRoche, 3B Mark Reynolds, LF Conor Jackson, CF Chris Young, C Miguel Montero


2009 record: 75-87

Manager: Bud Black

Departures: 3B Kevin Kouzmanoff, OF Brian Giles

Arrivals: RHP Jon Garland, Utility Jerry Hairston Jr. , C Yorvit Torrealba, 1B/OF Matt Stairs

Rotation: RHP Chris Young, RHP Kevin Correia, RHP Jon Garland, LHP Clayton Richard, RHP Mat Latos

Closer: RHP Heath Bell

Setup: RHP Edward Mujica

Lineup: CF Tony Gwynn Jr., 2B David Eckstein, 1B Adrian Gonzalez, 3B Chase Headley, LF Kyle Blanks, RF Wil Venable, C Nick Hundley, SS Everth Cabrera

DW Pre-Spring Training, Predicted Order of Finish

1: Dodgers
2: Rockies
3: Giants
4: D'Backs
5: Padres

The Dodgers did nothing in the offseason and will need to rely on their youngs stars to improve if they intend to keep the division crown. If Jeff Francis can return to his pre-injury form the Rockies may be the class of the division. The Rockies need to avoid the letdown they had following their previous playoff appearance. The Giants added some aging bats but it may not be enough to contend. Arizona is counting on the health of some key players in '10. Webb, Haren and Jackson have the abilty to hang with anybody but they need production out of Drew, Jackson and Young - if they do, they could be the surprise team out west. The biggest question with San Diego is when Adrian Gonzalez will be traded and how much will they receive in return.

Disagree below.
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Thursday, February 25, 2010

DW'S AL West Preview

DW takes a look at the major leagues on paper, division by division during the final days of February. Today we give you the AL West. This should be a tight division with Seattle being one of baseball's offseason champs, the Angels being the long time kings of the West and the Rangers trying to translate the major's best farm system into the major leagues. a quick look at the teams after the jump..


2009 Record: 97-65
Departures: RHP John Lackey, IF Chone Figgins, DH Vlad Guerrero, OF Sarge Jr, LHP Darren (don't call me Sean) Oliver
Arrivals: DH/LF Hideki Matsui, RHP Fernando Rodney, RHP Joel Pineiro,
Rotation: RHP Jered Weaver, LHP Joe Saunders, RHP Ervin Santana, LHP Scott Kazmir, RHP Joel Pineiro

Closer: LHP Brian Fuentes;
Setup guy: RHP Fernando Rodney, RHP Scot Shields
Lineup: SS Erick Aybar, RF Bobby Abreu, CF Torii Hunter, 1B Kendry Morales, DH Hideki Matsui, LF Juan Rivera, 2B Howie Kendrick, C Mike Napoli, 3B Brandon Wood


2009 Record: 85-77
Departures: 3B Adrian Beltre, 1B/DH Russell Branyan, RHP Brandon Morrow, C Kenji Johjima, RHP Miguel Batista, RHP Carlos Silva
Arrivals: LHP Cliff Lee, 3B Chone Figgins, OF Milton Bradley, 1B Casey Kotchman, 1B Ryan Garko, OF Eric Byrnes
Rotation: RHP Felix Hernandez, LHP Cliff Lee, RHP Ian Snell, LHP Erik Bedard (DL), LHP Ryan Rowland-Smith
Closer: RHP David Aardsma;
Setup guy: RHP Brandon League
Lineup: RF Ichiro Suzuki, 3B Chone Figgins, 2B Jose Lopez, LF Milton Bradley, DH Ken Griffey Jr., 1B Casey Kotchman, CF Franklin Gutierrez, C Rob Johnson, SS Jack Wilson


2009 Record: 75-87
Departures: 2B Adam Kennedy, IF Bobby Crosby,
Arrivals: RHP Ben Sheets, 3B Kevin Kouzmanoff, OF Coco Crisp, IF Jake Fox, OF Michael Taylor,
Rotation: RHP Ben Sheets, RHP Justin Duchscherer, LHP Brett Anderson, RHP Dallas Braden, RHP Trevor Cahill
Closer: RHP Andrew Bailey
Set-up guy: RHP Brad Ziegler
Lineup: LF Rajai Davis, CF Coco Crisp, C Kurt Suzuki, DH Jack Cust, 3B Kevin Kouzmanoff, CF Ryan Sweeney, 2B Mark Ellis, 1B Daric Barton, SS Cliff Pennington


2009 record: 87-75
Departures: RHP Kevin Millwood, OF Marlon Byrd, IF Hank Blalock, OF Andruw Jones, IF Omar Vizquel, C Ivan Rodriguez,
Arrivals: RHP Rich Harden, DH Vlad Guerrero, RHP Colby Lewis, LHP Darren (the black) Oliver
Rotation: RHP Scott Feldman, RHP Rich Harden, RHP Tommy Hunter, LHP Derek Holland, RHP Colby Lewis
Closer: RHP Frank Francisco;
Setup guy: LHP C.J. Wilson, RHP Neftali Feliz, LHP Darren Oliver
Lineup: CF Julio Borbon, 3B Michael Young, LF Josh Hamilton, DH Vlad Guerrero, 2B Ian Kinsler, RF Nelson Cruz, 1B Chris Davis, C Jarrod Saltalamacchia, SS Elvis Andrus

DW Pre-Spring Training, Predicted Order of Finish:

1: Rangers
2: Mariners
3: Angels
4: A's

The Rangers have a shit load of hitting, questionable starting pitching and a potentially strong bullpen. They also have the best minor league system in baseball and may have the ammunition to add arms at the deadline - if/when Harden goes down. If Josh Hamilton can find his '08 form instead of '09, this team will be scary offensively. Starting pitching will be the achillies heel. The M's have maybe the the best 1-2 punch and best defense in the game but will really have to search for runs. DW does not like the Angels off season moves, substituting Lackey, Figgins and Vlad for Matsui, Pineiro and Rodney. The A's need Sheets to put together a good half season so they can swap him for more prospects. They have a lot of talent but are a couple years away. Look for former Phils prospect Michael Taylor - he could be ready to produce right away and is a DW darkhorse for AL rookie of the year.

Next: NL West

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Westbrook Released

Brian Westbrook has been released by the Eagles.  Jeffrey Lurie and Andy Reid are scheduled to hold a press conference at 3pm to discuss the matter, and offer some "insight" into their thought process. Bad knees, concussion issues, old age and being owed $8 million next year are all factors that play into this decision.  Knowing the Eagles, I'd say the $8 million was the nail in the coffin.


It will be strange not seeing No.36 in Eagles green next season, considering the offense was run through him for so many years.  He gave us all some great moments on the field, and he'll be remembered for being one of the most exciting players in the NFL. His best season came in 2007 when he led the NFL in yards from scrimmage, and was named first team All-Pro. He will be missed.


Question: Where does B-West rank in terms of All-Time Eagles? Top 5?


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The Platinum Medal Goes To....

It's been a week since the feminine Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko won the silver medal in men's figure skating. He was not happy that he won the silver, and started talking trash to the American that won the gold. Let me tell you something, there is nothing gayer than having two grown men dressed up in peacock outfits, floating all over the ice while doing twirls. To have them talking trash to each other just makes it all that much better. Like how can you take this guy seriously? He is still bitching about not winning the gold medal. Get over it dude. You weren't good enough on that day, and you lost. Take it like the little girl that you want to be deep down inside, and move on. Maybe take up ice dancing or something. I don't know whatever floats your boat. This is how big of a loser this guy is, he actually awarded himself the Platinum Medal of the Vancouver games. On his web site he has a picture that has three medals, and they say "Silver of Salt Lake, Gold of Torino, and Platinum of Vancouver." This fruit is absolutely out of his mind. His reasoning why he should have won the gold is because the American (Evan Lysacek) never did a quad jump in his routine. Now I don't know what a quad jump is, and nor do I care, but it sounds pretty exciting doesn't it? Here's an idea, quit figure skating and start acting like you have a bird. Read More

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Over the last 12 years, other than Roy Halladay, eight former AL Cy Young winners have exited the AL for the NL: Name them:

I will post credit when answered. Post answers in comments section
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Grapefruit Express Tour: Phillies Camp

From - Karl Ravech, John Kruk and former and maybe future Mets Mgr Bobby Valentine talk Phils

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Cole Hamels threw 262.3 innings in 2008 (including 35 in the postseason). Since 1980, only three other pitchers under 25 have thrown so much in one of their first three seasons in the majors. Name them.

I will give credit to where I read this after you get the answer. Post your answers below.
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Friday, February 19, 2010

Your Seventy-Sucksers

Rant by R.H.

Very disappointing, but not too surprising, that Stiffanski stood pat yesterday (unless you count the Primoz "Chicken Whacked" Brezec and Royal "With Cheese" Ivey blockbuster). I'll miss the Primoz Brezec era. I'm suddenly hungry.

I was happy when they hired Stefanski, mainly because of the atrocities Billly King had committed. And Stefanski said all the right things when he was hired. Since then, just about EVERY move he's made has been bad. I'll give him credit for Speights and Drew Djrue Dru Jrue Holiday, who seem like they can play and were decent picks from where the Sixers were in those drafts (although Speights may need a brain transplant, so glad Iverson's here to mentor him). And granted, he inherited Dalembert's toxic assets. "But wait, Sam's had a good 3 weeks!!!" "Good" meaning he kind of seems to care and has gotten some rebounds.

I can't blame Eddie Jordan too much. We knew it was a terrible hire to begin with. But they were buddies from their Jersey days. Stefanski's big-ticket signings (Iguodala and Brand) have been awful. Anyone with a brain knew the day they did it that the Iguodala contract was outrageous. And poor Brand looks like damaged goods at this point (I think, at this point, even if you brought in Wojo to pound the court excitedly Brand would shrug his shoulders apathetically).
It's pretty telling that Stefanski basically immediately tried to get out from under both contracts quicker than you can say "Isiah". Jason Kapono for $6 million a year? Seems steep as hell. Were teams lining up for him? Can he play here? We don't know, Jordan never plays him.
The team is unwatchable, but still winning kind of enough games to be in the mix for a 7 or 8 seed in the wretched bottom of the East. Who cares? It's just another year in David Stern's purgatory. Stern needs to go. Maybe he'll get shot by Arenas. He has really ruined the league and I can't stand looking at his stupid face anymore. The trade deadline was basically one team (Cleveland) trying to add a guy to get better and about 20 teams trying to get rid of bad contracts. (Sigh).

Which brings us to yesterday. This team should've been imploded like the Vet. Stefanski should've made every effort to make that happen. But his logic was backwards and completely flawed. Every statement I heard him make, he's said "we're only gonna make moves that make us better on the court right now" or something to that effect. For who? For what? This team is going nowhere this year or the next five years if you don't do anything drastic. If the report that the Rockets would've taken essentially Dalembert and Iguodala for Tracy McGrady (aka Tracy McGrady's Expiring Contract), and the Sixers passed on it, that's a disgrace. That's just what the Sixers needed to begin to turn this around. How could he pass on that? Would've given them alot of money for next year (or the year after), and made them a little worse on the court this year, increasing their chances for a better lottery pick. But no, the Knicks moved in and are in prime pouncing position for free agents. Not that Lebron or Wade was coming here, but the Sixers needed to take some baby steps and did nothing instead.

Stefanski needs to go. They're just running in place with him. Bring in Rod Thorn (who may be leaving Jersey) or try to lure Jerry West out of retirement. Somebody proven that has some creativity (fleece Minnesota somehow for Kevin Love). I think Ed Snider/Comcast has the money. Jordan and his You-don't-need-a-true-point-guard Princeton offense should also be shown the door. They need a point guard. Shit, I'd take a Hinrich or a Kyle Lowry right now. Or see what Holiday can do.....oh wait, he barely plays either....need to get minutes for A.I.!!! Iverson's really bought the crowds back to the Wachovia Center as well.....well, at least for that one night.

Bring in Jeff Van Gundy (who I wanted last year) or a Lawrence Frank. Who gives a shit if the players don't like them. Maybe they'll get them to play a little defense and give this team some kind of identity. They could've taken a big step forward yesterday, but now we're stuck in this nightmare for who knows how much longer.
And can Donyell Marshall fit any more marbles into his mouth on the postgame show? Yeesh.

Celtics with a weird move picking up Nate Robinson. Maybe he'll do underwhelming dunks in practice or something and be banished there as well. Good luck with all that. How did that Sheed signing work out for them? Has he moved inside the 3-point line all year? KG's intense woofing act is kind of sad anymore. Assholes.
Oh well, as long as the Lakers don't win it all again, I'll be happy. Two Kobe titles sandwiched around an A-Rod World Series title may be too much for me to recover from.

The All-Star game/weekend was sickening drek. As if the game wasn't horrible enough, we had to endure Jerry Jones mugging as a basketball game was played in his cavernous football dome. Not that I watched or anything.

I could not care less about this Tiger Woods "press conference". This has contrived sham written all over it. A prepared statement written by lawyers and no questions allowed. No thanks. It will be about as informative and fullfilling as an Andy Reid press conference.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010


In case you haven't heard Dirtywudders' very own Namesake will be on the Missanelli show this afternoon. He will be competing against the show's host for $1500.00. He will be matching up against Mike Missanelli in a sports trivia contest. Be sure to tune in and check it out. I hope that he doesn't do anything to embarrass himself or ALL of the loyal readers in the dirtywudders community. Good Luck Namesake. Read More

Monday, February 15, 2010

Nova Goes Down

Coming into this game UCONN had lost 5 of their last 6, including an embarrassing ass-kicking at the hands of Cincinatti on Saturday. None of that mattered tonight, however, as they held the lead throughout the second half against No.3 Villanova and came out victorious, 84-75. Nova got into foul trouble early in the second and couldn't get their offense going at all. Scottie Reynolds had a solid game, as usual, but UCONN's Kemba Walker - 29 points, 8 rebounds - was just too much for the Wildcats in this one. Reynolds finished the game with 18 points and 4 steals. Taylor King, on the other hand, was 0-6 for 0 points.

Villanova is now 11-2 in the Big East, 22-3 overall. Next up: Saturday @ Pitt. Read More

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Make a Day of It

Today is a great day for Philadelphia College Basketball. Wake up with your favorite Gentleman Drink and head down to the Dac for Drexel's 12 noon matchup with archrival Delaware. Drexel is in the mix in the CAA at 9-5. Northeastern leads the conference at 12-2 with both losses coming against the Dragons. Drexel is playing much better ball now than they were earlier in the season. Drexel Freshman Chris Fouch has been ruled out for the game which is a big loss.
Unless Drexel falls apart and loses to Delaware again, you should be able to beat the traffic and head down to the Wachovia Center. At 2pm Villanova hosts Providence in a Big East machup. Villanova will try to avoid a letdown following road games against two top ten teams. Nova is sitting a 1/2 game behind Syracuse in the Big East and is in the mix for a #1 seed in the NCAA's.

Hopefully Nova makes quick work of the Friars so you can make it to the other side of town to get good seats for the Rhode Island vs Temple game at the Liacouras Center. Both teams are within 1 game of the A-10 lead and the two teams already played an OT game this season with Temple coming out on top.

After the Temple game head on over to the Palestra to catch Penn against Columbia. It has been a forgettable season for the Quakers but they are coming off a huge upset of a top 25 team. This game is actually somewhat meaningful for the 3-2 Quakers but you don't really need a reason to catch a game at the Palestra.

There is no other city in America where you can do something like this.
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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Morning After

(Friday night edition)
Penn 79 No. 22 Cornell 64: The 3-win Penn Quakers knocks off the 20 win Big Red on Friday night at the Palestra.Penn junior forward Jack Eggleston (game-high 24 points) and sophomore point guard Zack Rosen (22 points, ive assists, three steals) stood out in the upset. Penn improves to 3-2 in the Ivy and 4-15 overall.

Flyers 3 Canadians 2: The Flyers won their 3rd straight 3-2 game led by Jeff Carter's 25th and 26th goals. Michael Leighton made 31 saves.

WVU vs Pitt: I don't know, I turned it off when I heard Doris Burke's voice.
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Duke at UNC

The best rivalry is basketball is renewed tonight as the defending National Champs host the Duke Blue Devils in Chapel Hill. To say the least, North Carolina is down this year but lets see if they turn it up against the hated rival from Durham. Join us for a live blog

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Monday, February 8, 2010

D f'n W

In the "Nobody gives a shit about this, except for me and 202" category. Here we are during the 8th inning of Game 5, Part 2, of the 2008 World Series. Found during the replay yesterday on MLB Network..

White jersey, white hat is me. Little guy staring at the animal in between us is Section202.
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

DWDW Super Bowl Edition

Dirty Wudders Degenerate Wagering is a feature of this blog where the DW contributors embarrass themselves picking the college and pro games of the week. Here is our picks for the Super Bowl.

New Orleans (15-3) vs Indianapolis (16-2) Line: Indy (-5) O/U: 57

Can this one live up to the last 2 Super Bowls? On paper this game tops those games but it is much different to have it play out. Peyton Manning vs Drew Brees, #1 seed vs #1 seed.

Doc Pick: Indy/Under

Namesake Pick: Indy...31-24

DW Pick: Indy/Over

Playoff Records:

DW: 7-9
Doc: 11-5
Sec: 1-1
Namesake: 3-4
McNabbulous: 0-1

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Quote of the Day

"How can you have that payroll and still not have a starting catcher or first baseman, a second baseman you hate and no legitimate starters after Johan [Santana]?" from a veteran agent, courtesy Joel Sherman via CTB

Piling on the Mets never gets old.
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Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Look

If you haven't already, check out the new look PhilliesPulse, run by DW reader Golden Glove. It links to news articles/rumors/enemy chatter and basically gives you everything Phillies in one spot. Also has a damn running clock (till pitchers and catchers) that ain't moving fast enough.

Check it out - its a mandatory daily stop for Phils fans - especailly during the never ending month of February.

I am a little too ready for baseball for it to be only Feb 6.
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#2 Nova at # 7 G'Town

Villanova looks for its 10th straight conference win today against a Georgetown squad coming off a loss against South Florida. Georgetown hammered Duke last weekend. This is the beginning of a nasty stretch of games for the Cats. @ #7 today, @ #6 WVU on Monday. Syracuse is also on the horizon. Villanova knocked off Georgetown 82-77 a couple of Saturdays ago.

Can the Wildcats stop Greg Monroe? They couldn't the first time out as he dropped 29 and 16. Georgetown relies on a strong starting 5 where as Villanova has all kinds of depth. In the first meeting Villanova's bench outscored the Hoyas 25-4. Should be a good one.

If you are snowed in today - join me as I test an easier way to do a Live Blog.
Pic via Golden Glove from the 'Nova vs Irish game.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Morning Trivia

As we await pitchers and catchers...

Who was the last non pitcher to pitch in a game for the Phillies?

Post your answers below in the comment section.
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

PSU Lands No.9 Class

The Nittany Lions landed the No.9 recruiting class as signing day wrapped up yesterday. Included in the class are the top LB in the nation, as well as a Top 10 QB and DT. PSU's Big 10 competition were further down the list, with Michigan coming in at No.12 and Ohio State at No.20. Losers


Anyone that doesn't follow recruiting religiously that has gotten a chance to see Scout's play, typically has the same comment, "Makes sense that kid is going to Linebacker U". Hull has size, speed, instincts and the drive to succeed that make him the top linebacker in the country this year. Making life easier for Hull will be Scout's #5 defensive tackle DaQuan Jones (6-4/300). Jones can occupy a double team or take the glory himself with his quick step into the backfield. The Nittany Lions are also bringing in a pair of highly ranked quarterbacks in 5-Star run/pass threat Paul Jones (6-3/225) and conventional dropback passer Robert Bolden (6-4/205 ranked #8 nationally).

Good Stuff.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Out of Retirement

Tonight will mark the debut of myself, and other contributors on this blog in our first soccer game in 15 years. That's right we are attempting to come out of retirement and the expectations are very low. The last time we all played soccer was when Roberto Baggio blew it for Italy in the World Cup. So we all know that no one will be doing any damage tonight, but if anything else it should be a treat to watch us fools running around out there, and possibly barfing all over the field.

One contributor to the blog emailed me today and was wondering what I was having for dinner tonight before the game, because he will be eating snow crabs. Well if I know one thing, its to not eat snow crabs before you go play soccer. Another contributor, Moose, will be out there for one thing only, and that's to take cheap shots at the other team. He once slide tackled someone on a basketball court, in an organized league, so I a can only imagine what he will do on a soccer field. He was heard by an unknown source screaming in the woods last week "Guats" at the top of his lungs, so he seems ready to get dirty. The one non contributor to the blog that refuses to go on because he doesn't have an opinion and goes by what the analysts say, thinks he is Pele. The guy hasn't played soccer since 1995, and told the guy at Soccer Post that the only reason he quit the sport was because we made fun of him for playing soccer. Our goalie still doesn't know that he will be the goalie. He thinks that he will be playing the field, but since he was a goalie in high school he has no choice. I heard that he is going to refuse to play goalie. This is gonna be a cluster you know what. For myself, I can only hope that the other teams suck because I am not very good. I haven't touched a soccer since I kicked it out of Doc's hands for the game winning goal in 1992 in intramural soccer. Let's put it this way, we all suck, and we think that we are going to be good, and I have no clue why. Its gonna be a total let down from a self confidence perspective when the other team runs circles around us while we are all throwing up on the field. So if you need a few laughs we will be playing at 9:06 tonight at Xtreme Sports in Hatboro.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Let's Blow it Up Already

Just over 2 weeks until the NBA's trade deadline and the rumors are picking up. Stefanski has said that there are "no untouchables" and we all have to think that he is included in that. Word is that the Sixers are initiating phone calls involving Igoudala and recent Lou Williams rumors have been popping up.

The NY Daily News (via depressedfan) reports that its not just the players who may be on the move.
The struggling Sixers have been mentioned in the Tracy McGrady sweepstakes, but the bigger rumor involving the team is that ownership wants to clear out president Ed Stefanski and coach Eddie Jordan at the All-Star break. If that's the case, they'd probably install Tony DiLeo for a second straight season as the interim coach.

How about this one?'s Sam Smith has his theory that a package of Igoudala and Sammy could bring Amare Stoudemire. On top of that he thinks that Elton Brand could be swapped for Gilbert Arenas..Wow.

Here is hoping that they can shed some salary and lose some games. The draft looks like it could be a 3 man party and right now the Sixers have the 5th worst record.

What do you think? Can we get some Sixers talk going?
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Monday, February 1, 2010

"Worst" Offseason?

The Phils may have added the best pitcher in baseball but's Tim Marchman is not impressed.

the Phillies are perhaps the one team in baseball that has the most reason to play for this year, and having given up one of the five best pitchers in baseball for no evident reason, their winter has to count not just as a botch, but perhaps the worst in the game

He includes the Royals and the Mets as having pretty bad offseason's but they were going to be irrelevant anyway. I guess he forgot about the Angels. They lost Lackey, Figgins, Vladimir and they are paying Sarge jr 20 million to play for the Mets - although the Matthews deal still may be a good one.

I may never understand the Lee for prospects deal but adding Halladay makes it impossible to be too pissed. I think Polanco has a chance to be a stabilizing influence at the top of the order and Victo's style may be better suited towards the bottom half.

Overall I think it was a pretty positive offseason.

Is February over yet?

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