Thursday, May 28, 2009

Myers Done for Season? What the Phils can do...

This is not good. An excerpt from the piece...

After having an MRI today, Phillies pitcher Brett Myers was told that there was fraying to the labrum in his right hip, an injury that could require surgery and jeopardize the remainder of his season.

Even before hearing this news, Philly fans were wondering if the team would be adding an arm before the trade deadline. This pretty much ensures they will do something, the question is who will they get? The good news for the Phils is that a few of the teams ready to sell also have some pretty decent starting pitching to deal. There is also the question of who they will have to give up for a top line starter. John Mayberry Jr, Lou Marsen, Jason Donald and Carlos Carrasco are a few names that come to mind if a team is looking to get younger. Would you be willing to part with a combination of these guys for Jake Peavy? I would. Your thoughts?

Below is a list of four starting pitchers the Phils should be targeting...

27 years old
2009 Salary: $11,000,000
2009 Stats: 5-5, 3.30 ERA, 84 K's, 1.13 WHIP

Obviously the cream of the crop, but rumor has it he will only play for a few teams. I don't see why the WFC's wouldn't be on that list, but you never know. His family is in San Diego so he may be hesitant to play on the east coast as well. There is also the issue of his No Trade Clause, but again, why wouldn't he want to come here. His salary increases each year for the next few, but he is 100% worth it. Do it Ruben.

31 years old
2009 Salary: $14,000,000
2009 Stats: 1-2, 4.62 ERA, 47 K's, 1.36 WHIP

A 2-time 20-game winner, Oswalt would be a great addition to any staff. He is consistently near the top of the league in innings pitched, and would be the much needed workhorse the Phils need right now. He is struggling so far this season, but I don't think anyone would be upset about picking him up.

30 years old
2009 Salary: $7,750,000
2009 Stats: 3-2, 2.48 ERA, 54 K's, 1.12 WHIP

Erik Bedard is off to a nice start this season, however, I have to believe his ERA is at least partly a product of playing in Seattle. He was traded from the Orioles last year for 5 prospects, so maybe the Mariners try to recoup some of those picks by dealing him this year.

30 years old
2009 Salary: $9,875,000
2009 Stats: 6-3, 4.45 ERA, 27 K's, 1.29 WHIP

A sinker ball pitcher, Jason Marquis has won 11 or more games in each of the last 5 years, with his most wins coming in 2004 with the Cardinals(15). Not as big of a name as the other three players on this list, but I think he would be more easily attained. He is off to a great start in 2009 and would not be a bad addition. He can hit too.

My guess is that the Phils make a push for Marquis. They probably would not have to give up as much, but would still be getting a decent starting pitcher. I'm hoping for Peavy... but I'm not holding my breath.

Who do you think they target? Who do you think they get?
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That's His Quarterback!

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo pulled a Bill Parcells last week at practice, refusing to refer to T.O. by name when questioned about his former WR. The Receiver's response...

"Dude, I could care less," Owens said with a laugh following the Buffalo Bills voluntary minicamp practice. "I mean, he doesn't mention my name, that's fine. What about it"

Man, things have really changed since this press conference. Trent Edwards better watch his back.

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Memphis will have to deal with what Coach Cal left behind

I am shocked to hear about the NCAA's allegation of academic fraud at the University of Memphis while John Calipari was Head Coach. He seems like such an honest forthcoming man yet these allegations continue to plague him. What a fraud this guy is. The rat escapes Memphis and gets his "Dream Job" at Kentucky just before this comes out. Don't try to tell me he didn't know this was coming.

John Calipari has led 2 different schools to the Final Four and now most likely, both will be removed from the record books. In 1996 Calipari was accused of recruiting violations and Marcus Camby accepted money from an agent. Though Calipari's slate was wiped clean - UMASS paid the penalty with a tarnished reputation and a removal of its Final Four appearance from the record books. Looks like it will happen again. In a statement late Wednesday, Kentucky said Calipari had received a letter from the NCAA saying he was not at risk of being charged with any NCAA violations in the case. Something tells me Memphis will have to pay the penalty.

This is what John Chaney was trying to tell us when he threatened to kill Calipari at that press conference back in 1994. Read More

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

JoePa looks to expand the Big Ten

Joe Paterno would like to see the Big Ten add another school to the conference to make it easier to have a money making Conference Title game. The Penn State Head Coach mentioned Pitt, Syracuse and Rutgers as three Eastern schools that he would like to see join the mostly Mid-Western Conference. He hinted at a school that plays in the New York market which happens to suggest Rutgers - coached by former PSU assistant Greg Schiano.

Recently it was announced that Penn State will play a "home and home" with Rutgers in 2014 and 2015. This is interesting because Penn State is only willing to play Pitt on a 2 to 1 scale, meaning 2 at Beaver Stadium for every game at Heinz Field. Penn State and Pitt have played 96 times dating back to 1893 but have not played each other since 2000.

It sure seems like Paterno still holds a grudge against Pitt due to Pitt being selected to the Big East over State after JoePa's Eastern All Sports league fell through, years ago. I think he should get over it. I understand he does not want to overload his non conference schedule with heavyweights when he already has the likes of Buffalo, Akron, Temple and Eastern Illinois but...Pennsylvania, and more importantly, myself, would love to see a game (series) between the only 2 big time programs in the state...Sorry Temple.

Asked about the possibility of it being Notre Dame added as the 12th team to the Conference, Paterno responded "There's some pressure, I would suppose, to maybe go back to Notre Dame and ask again, which I would not be happy with, I think they've had their chance."

Let's go State
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Phils Recap

So the Phils continue their terrible stretch at home. Game one had former Phillie great Wes Helms, who by the way Doc is on my list of top 3 Phillies third basemen of all time, light up the Phils. Veteran Jamie Moyer made a horrible 3-o pitch to another ex-Phillie Paulino with the pitcher on deck to drive in a crucial run for the Fish with 2 outs. Now you know that the pitcher is on deck why not intentionally walk him to get to the pitcher? Then it was Victorino's turn when the Phils showed signs of life in the 9th and he makes the first out of the inning by getting caught stealing down 2 runs. All around it was a horrible start to the series. There was one bright spot and that was Howard's 2 bombs.

Game two the Phils dominated for the most part until the bullpen and Howard did the best they could to blow it. Howard made his first error of the year, but I think that I can forgive him for that considering it was his first of the year. It was good to see "Heavy B" Blanton get a quality start and go 7 strong with 11 K's. Lidge also looked good getting the final three outs of the game for the save.

Tonight was awful. The bats were dead, and who the f is Badenhop? You have got to be kidding me that Badenhop shut down this offense for 5 innings while Meyers once again cannot put together 2 consecutive good outings. He also injured his hip in the game as well. I guess his wife is in trouble tonight.

Overall the Phils did not play very well this series and for some reason they are struggling at home this year. They are now officially out of first with the Mets win over the Nationals tonight. They need to get their shit together at home. If you cannot get fired up to play in front of your home crowd then something has to change. Chase Utley needs kick these guys asses and get them going in that locker room. Read More

Sixers Heading South of the Border

The NBA announced yesterday that the Sixers are scheduled to play a preseason game against the Phoenix Suns in Monterey, Mexico on October 18th. The game will be the 18th NBA game to take place in Mexico. Preseason basketball! Mexico! I’m there! The only positive that could come out of this trip is a possible swine flu outbreak in Sam Dalembert’s hotel room. File this story under ‘Who Gives a Shit’. Read More

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Next Question

Disgruntled Arizona Cardinals WR Anquan Boldin has reportedley fired his agent, Drew Rosenhaus. The agent had been unsuccessful in getting Boldin the deal or the trade that he was looking for. It had been said that Boldin was looking for a deal in the neighborhood of what teammate Larry Fitzgerald received last year, approaching $10 million per year. The three time pro bowler has not participated in any of the Cardinals workouts this off season due to what is said to be a "sore hamstring". Sure...

The Eagles were said to have made the most serious run at Boldin on draft day offering their own disgruntled, Sheldon Brown and a 3rd rounder but were quickly shot down.

Before you go ahead and shed tears for "The Most Hated Man in Pro Football", realize that Rosenhaus Sports still has over 100 active clients within the NFL not including free agents Plaxico Burress and Edgerrin James.

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Wes Helms? Really?

Old Man Moyer pitched a pretty decent game last night, giving up 4 runs on 6 hits through 6 innings, but failed for the fifth straight time to reach that elusive win No. 250. Former Philly flop Wes Helms led the Marlins with 4 RBI's, including a 3-run homer off Moyer in a 5-3 victory last night at Citizens Bank Park. Save for Ryan Howard's two bombs there really wasn't much to cheer about for the WFC's on Monday night. The Phils had opportunities to score but the Marlins pitching wouldn't allow them to get anything going. One opportunity came with runners at first and third with one out in the 4th inning following back-to-back singles from Victorino and Feliz, but strikeouts by Carlos Ruiz and Jamie Moyer ended that threat. Another chance came during the 'Slacks Hoagie Shack WTF Are You Doing Moment' in the 9th inning. With the Phils down 5-3 and Victorino on first base following a lead off walk, Victo inexplicably attempted to steal second base only to be gunned down by Ronnie Paulino. Victo should know better than to attempt a steal in that situation, and to his credit he did admit to reporters after the game that he effed up. Heavy B faces off against Andrew Miller tonight at 7:05 in Game 2 of the series - GO PHILS!
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Friday, May 22, 2009

Brett Myers Stifles Bronx Bombers

Brett Myers scattered 8 hits and 3 runs in 8 innings during the Phillies 7-3 win over the Yanks, in the Bronx Friday night. Jimmy Rollins got the Phightens going early sending the first pitch of the ball game out of the yard. "The House that Juice Built" certainly looks hitter friendly as the two teams combined for 7 home runs during the ball game. Myers did give up 3 home runs but managed to hold them to solo shots that did not lead to a big inning. His outing tonight was clearly the best by a Phils starter this year and it snapped the Yankees 9 game win streak. The defending champs improve to 7-1 on the road trip. Saturday afternoon at 4:10, J.A. Happ looks to keep it going against Brian McNamee's favorite Yankee.

No truth to the rumor that Chase Utley mouthed boo? f you, to the loving New York crowd during introductions.

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GM Stefanski is told that Wright is Wrong answer for vacant 76ers job

After meeting with 76ers GM Ed Stefanski last week, Villanova Head coach Jay Wright asked to be taken out of consideration for the vacant sixers head coaching position. Good call by Jay Wright - he has a great thing going at 'Nova right now. Ccoming off of a final four appearance and bringing in another top notch recruiting class, Villanova Basketball is on the rise. Not sure I can say the same about the 76ers with a straight face.
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Inaugural Degenerate Gambling Post

I know I'm getting ahead of myself here, but it's never too early to talk about NFL wagering, right?. Vegas has released the Over/Under Win totals for the 2009 NFL season and I couldn't resist commenting. The sportsbook has some serious confidence in the NFC East this year, setting the line at 10, 9.5, 9 and 8 for NYG, PHI, DAL and WAS, respectively. I can't say I disagree too much with any of their picks, but if I were a gambling man - which I am - here are my first thoughts on who I like:
  • Carolina OVER 8.5 at +100

  • Arizona UNDER 8.5 at -110

  • Philly OVER 9.5 at -145

  • Oakland OVER 5.5 at -140 if this babe's husband is the starter.

  • Seattle OVER 7.5 at -150

These are just first impression/no research whatsoever picks. I basically just secured the Eagles to win less than 9.5 games this year, and for that I apologize.


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300/300 Club

J-Roll's second inning stolen base yesterday against Cincinnati made him just the fourth active player in Major League Baseball to accumulate 300 stolen bases and 300 doubles. The other three are Bobby Abreau, Johnny Damon and Omar Vizquel.
He also joined Billy Hamilton, Ed Delahanty and Sherry Magee as the only Phillies to have ever reached 300 bags. These three were all slightly before my time.
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Peavy nixes deal with Chi Sox

Jon Heyman from reports that Jake Peavy has exercised his no trade clause and declined the proposed deal between the Padres and the White Sox. Tough day for the Sox, they also lost to the Twins 20-1. The Cubbies and Brewers are thought to be the front runners for Peavy.

I'm sure there are payroll reasons why the Phillies won't trade for him but how about Myers (last year of his deal), Carrasco, Kendrick and Carpenter for Peavy... Myers is a fly ball pitcher in a pitchers park so he wouldn't give up as many homers there. San Diego can afford to wait on Carrasco, because, well, they stink... plus they would unload 11 million. Might not be enough for San Diego, oh well. "I'm Ron Burgundy, Go F yourself San Diego." Read More

Will Clark Salami Pushes Schmidt to Retire

I cannot believe it has been 20 years since #20 Michael Jack retired from the Phillies. What helped him decide, other than being on a terrible, last place team?

From's Paul Hagen

Robby Thompson hit a grounder right at third, the kind of play Schmidt had made countless times on his way to winning 10 Gold Gloves.
Except this time, the ball went through his legs for an error to load the bases. Mike Maddux relieved starter Ken Howell. And the next batter, Will Clark, hit a grand slam. "And I'm thinking, 'I'm really getting nothing out of this. We're not a very good team. I'm not playing near to the level that I'm comfortable with. What do I do now?' " Schmidt said

Mike Schmidt Through the Years. 548 home runs, 3 MVP awards, 10 gold gloves, a World Series ring. 20 years have passed since the greatest 3B of all time retired from the Phillies - makes me think, who are the top 3 Philadelphia third baseman since Schmitty? I'll go with...

  1. Scott Rolen

  2. Dave Hollins

  3. Charlie Hayes

Not many good ones... Anybody disagree with my 3?

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Heavy B and the Long Balls Top Cinci

The bats woke up today. Chase Utley, Greg Dobbs, Raul Ibanez and Ryan Howard all connected on solo shots as the Phils knocked off the Cincinnati Reds by a touchdown, 12-5 this afternoon. Ugh bad memories of the 13-13 tie in Cinci months ago. At least there are no ties in baseball. Jimmy Rollins had 4 hits, scored 2 runs and swiped a bag as he continues to distance himself from the Mendoza line.

Joe Blanton aka Heavy B (thanks to Mike Missanelli) did as much as he possibly could to give up almost all of an early 6 run lead, by giving up 5 runs in 5 innings, which is passing as a quality start these days in Philly. It was good enough for a victory thanks to the top 3 of the order batting 9-15 with 5 runs and 8 knocked in. The Phils improve to 6-1 on the current roadtrip. Off to the Bronx...

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Series Preview: Phils/Yanks

It’s going to be one hell of a Memorial Day weekend for Phils this year! The team is traveling up the Garden State Parkway to take on the f’n Yankees in new f’n Yankee Stadium. It should be a good series. The Yanks half rattled off nine straight wins and the Phils have been playing solid ball lately too. I’m pumped.

Who is going to DH for the Phils this weekend? They are set to face two lefties in Pettite and Sabathia, so I’m thinking maybe Bruntlett or Coste. I doubt Coste would DH just in case something were to happen to my boy Chooch – who else is a possibility for Saturday and Sunday?

Now on to the series preview….

Friday: Brett Myers, RHP (3-2, 4.50) vs. AJ Burnett, RHP (2-1, 5.02)

Pitching Matchup: Brett Myers pitched seven strong innings against the Nationals in his last start - eight K’s and only three hits allowed. The Phils hope he can keep it going against the Yanks on Friday night where he’ll be up against AJ Burnett. In Burnett’s last start he gave up just two runs in 6 2/3 innings against the Twins. He has not won in six starts, however, and hopefully the Fightins can keep that streak alive. It looks to be a fairly even pitching matchup. Prediction: Phils win. Probably not the smartest prediction considering Myers’ sick fascination with giving up HR’s. Prediction II: Myers cries like a bitch after the game – win or lose – because of the ballpark.

Saturday: J.A. Happ, LHP (2-0, 2.49) vs. Andy Pettite, LHP (4-1, 4.18)

Pitching Matchup: J.A. Happ makes his first start of the season Saturday after Chan Ho Park was demoted to the bullpen earlier in the week. Happ has pitched well in his 12 bullpen appearances this year, but making your first start in Yankee Stadium is some serious pressure. Happ will face off against admitted juicer and “misrememberer” Andy Pettite. Pettite is having a decent year so far. He picked up the win in his last outing against the Twins in spite of giving up four runs on 12 hits in 6 2/3 innings. This is certainly a tough matchup for Happ in his first appearance as a starter; I don’t see it ending well. Prediction: Phils lose. Prediction II: I get hammered watching this game and flip out because his name is spelled J.A. and pronounced Jay. What an asshole.

Sunday: Cole Hamels, LHP (2-2, 4.95) vs. CC Sabathia, LHP (4-3, 3.43)

Pitching Matchup: In the most anticipated game of the weekend, Cole Hamels goes up against CC Sabathia. Hamels is 2-0 with a 2.31 ERA in his last four starts and is looking like the World Series MVP again after some freak injuries plagued the beginning of the season. Sabathia is also pitching well as of late, he gave up one run on three hits in 7 innings in his last start. Sabathia, as we all remember, got has ass handed to him by the Phils in the NLDS last year, giving up five runs in 3 2/3 innings. In a related story, Brett Myers reportedly will be DH’ing in this game. Prediction: Phils win.

Go Phils!
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Michael Vick Reinstated? Are you kidding me?

Michael Vick should never be allowed to step on a football field again! This guy was the highest paid quarterback in the league a few years ago and I guess due to his lack of education or just plain ignorance he didn’t realize that its not only about what you do on the field. This moron had the world in the palm of his hands and threw it all away. I feel sorry for all of the little kids that dream of being a quarterback in the NFL someday that looked up to this D-Bag. Michael Vick should be banned from football for life. Think about it, Pete Rose is banned from baseball for betting against his team. Michael Vick is a convicted felon, why this is even a question blows my mind. This guy should rot in jail for the rest of his life. Just thinking about that hit that Dawkins laid on him in the NFC Championship puts me in a good mood. Once a criminal, always a criminal! Read More

Are the Phillies Good Enought to Make the Playoffs?

With the 2009 season under way and the Phillies at the top of the NL East will the defending Champs repeat, or even make the playoffs with what they have right now? For one the offense is there, and I think for the next couple of years the Phils will be at the top in offensive categories. We all know that they can hit. Jimmy Rollins is off to a slow start and let’s hope that he will come around cause he is a key part to the top of that batting order. Is Jayson Werth an everyday player? I know he started out hot, but does he have what it takes to make that transition into an everyday player? He really struggles against righties and that could be a problem down the stretch, especially if the Phils are in a pennant race. If he continues to struggle against righties do the Phils have to go out and get an extra outfielder perhaps?

Now for the terrible starting pitching. We have the absolute worst starting pitching in baseball. Outside of Hamels and Myers the Phils’ staff is awful. They are 2nd in the NL in earned runs allowed, and 2nd to last in team ERA in front of the lowly Nationals with a team ERA of 5.34. Lets face the facts - Moyer is old and coming to the end of his career. You cannot count on him to pitch 200+ innings this year and you would be stupid to think that he will not land on the DL at some point this year. Joe Blanton has done nothing for the Phils this year - yea he pitched good enough last year to win or keep the Phils in games, big deal. Chan Ho Park needs to retire or go to the pen. He is not a #5 starter. Then there is this untouchable prospect that has a 6.62 ERA and doesn’t have a win yet in the minors. This guy needs to be traded immediately before he gets any worse, he hasn't proven anything in his years as a Phillie.

If the Phils are gonna make it back to the postseason they are going to have to acquire another right handed bat and a front of the rotation pitcher. The Phillies have a lot of trade bait to acquire a big name pitcher with Donald down in the minors, who by the way has zero chance at making it with this team since Utley and Rollins hold it down up the middle. Trade that bum Carrasco, and also see if there are any takers for the other bum Kendrick.
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Game On

Welcome to Dirty Wudders, the sports blog dedicated to all things sports - Philadelphia sports in particular. This site is the aftermath of hundreds of arguments and debates over the years surrounding the four major Philly sports teams and their players. We here at Dirty Wudders are determined to answer the questions that have been plaguing the Philly faithful for years: Better WS Team, 1980 or 2008? Better QB, Cunningham or McNabb? Fruitier Met infielder, David Wright or Jose Reyes? These are the questions being asked, and we are the maniacs attempting to answer them. The contributors at Dirty Wudders are die hard sports fans who enjoy nothing more than a good sports debate, and with that in mind our primary goal is to share the anguish - and sometimes elation - that is being a sports fan in Philadelphia. Enjoy.
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